10 Heroes and Villains Starfire could beat!

Heroes & Villains That Starfire Could Defeat in a Combat

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  1. Captain America
    Now Captain America is not a mortal to take lightly. He has very hard bones that give him the advantage in almost every fight. And Captain has a good hand to hand combat but not better than Starfires. She has been fighting her whole life literally. She lived for over 100 years. So she must have been fighting for over 400 or 500 years. Making her to the age of Superman. And with her added speed and her black hole levelled durability, yeah she takes the cake on this one.
  2. Terra
    again Starfire and Terra have fought before and Starfire won every time. Terra has the power of Geokinesis and with that, she can make big house-size boulders and smash people with them. And she can fly with a boulder. But Starfires energy blasting star bolts with the strength of knocking down bullets and injuring the biggest of superheroes she can definitely take down Terra. Not to mention her strength and her body. The rock would just fly past her. Terra doesn’t have any striking abilities but when she is mad she can make powerful dust tornadoes but that would not do anything to Starfire given the fact she survived the blast from Superman that is hotter than the surface of the sun.
  3. Beast Boy
    Beast Boy called Starfire the strongest member of the Teen Titans and that was in the newest Starfire comic. Beast Boy has the power to turn into any animal and that alone will give Starfire a big fight but she has lifted up Elephants, and he dint has to worry about a dinosaur because Starfire has fought more than 3 of them with Jason Todd. Beast Boy has the advantage over Starfire with his stealth to turn into small animals but that is basically it. He is the lowest character of the Teen Titans.
  4. Supergirl
    Supergirl is a Kryptonian and we talked about Starfire and her power-draining abilities so Starfire would get the upper hand on Supergirl. Supergirl and Starfire match the same strength, durability, and speed but if and when Starfire drains Supergirls energy, Starfire would take the win.
  5. Superboy
    And it’s the same for Mon-el. Starfire can drain him of his solar energy and take the win, but their feat out kind of out of stat. Both of them match the same speed, but Starfire is stronger than Superboy and she is faster and more durable. But I think she would win against Superboy-Prime but she would make a good match and she has the feats to back it up.
  6. Wonder Girl
    Now Wonder Girl and Starfire have gotten in an altercation before and well… it didn’t end well. Starfire blasted her with her energy beams and that was the match for her. Starfire also outclasses Wonder Girl in all of her feats and she would win the match again. Probably not with her star bolts again but with her hand to hand combat skills.
  7. Donna Troy
    Starfire and Donna Troy are 2 of the most iconic superheroes in the DC universe. They have again fought before and Starfire came on top all of the time. Matter of fact Starfire was not even using her full power. Imagine how much damage she would have caused if she was using her full level of power and if she was really blood-lusting. Donna wouldn’t walk away.
  8. Dick Grayson
    Starfire is a warrior princess and she was trained to fight all of her life. She is a very skilled fighter and she always has been. Dick Grayson can fight but he will never get the upper hand on Starfire. She is faster and stronger and just a better competitor then Dick.
  9. Spiderman
    Now Starfire and Spiderman share one thing in common, both of them have lightning-fast reflexes and both would not want to kill each other at first but both of them will be blood-lusted in the other rounds. I don’t know if these 2 were to fight but if they did Starfire would come on top. Her reflexes are sharper and much more lightning-fast then Spidermans. She can also dodge light rays from a sun goddess so that’s something. And she has much more durability flying into a black hole. So Starfire definitely has the upper hand in all of the categories we stated.
  10. Blackfire
    She and her sister Blackfire has gotten into a few altercations and Starfire has always come on top. Starfire is much stronger, durable, and she can fly faster than her. Starfire also fought Blackfire when she was armed. Starfire will definitely win in another fight with Blackfire.

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