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5 Types Of Friends Should Have In Your Life

Indeed great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. We all need to feel connections in our lives.

5 Types Of Friends Should Have In Your Life

Studies have shown that good friendships tremendously benefit our mental and physical well-being. One piece of research concludes charity is positively associated with life satisfaction. And how often you see your friends and how much you enjoy your friendship directly corresponds to your happiness; how many people do you have in your life that you can call a friend While having one? A good friend in your life is a blessing; having several types of friends in your life can maximize the benefits of friendship. What kinds of friends do you need to have in your life? That’s what we’re going to explore today. Here are the five types of friends that you need to have.

1. The Cheerful Friend

  Everyone needs that friend that is like a ray of sunshine. This is our upbeat, outgoing friend. The kind of friend that is almost always up for trying new restaurants checking out an art gallery, or going partying; research has proven that when our friends are in a good mood, it puts us in a better mood too. The study found that evidence suggests spirit makes bread from person to person via a process known as social contagion. To put this in simple terms, good attitudes are contagious. When our friends are in a good mood, they spread to us and make us feel good. That's why having a cheerful friend in your life is so important. A positive friend we can count on whenever you're in the mood to socialize, let loose and exercise the extroverted part of your personality. They boost our spirit and are also down for trying new things with us that our other friends might be interested in. They give us the confidence we need to grab life by the horns, and they can help us become more self-assured and decisive. This kind of friend might not be the person you can fight or ask for emotional support from, but they're the friends you love to spend time with and always have fun with.

2. A Best Friend

  Best friends are the most demanding friends to come by, but they are the ones that have the most significant impact on our lives. Our friendship with the best friend is the one we consider to be the strongest, most intimate, and most important among all other friendships. Our friendship with our best friend won't look the same as someone else's. For some, a best friend could be the person you spend the most time with for others. They might not even see their best friend often if they live far away or have other commitments. But no matter how the friendship looks, a best friend is someone you can always depend on. You could call them at 3 am, and they would answer. You could tell them. It would be best if you came to stay with them indefinitely, and they would welcome you with open arms, and of course, you would do the same in return for them. Your best friend stands out among all your other friendships because they're the person that is always there to support you. No matter what.Having a best friend helps us in so many ways. It gives us a boost to our self-esteem. Knowing that someone wants a best friend shows us that we must have qualities that mean someone wants to spend so much time with us and give us so much support. It helps us not to feel lonely even if we're not with our best friend; we know that if we need to talk to someone, our best friend will be there for us; a best friend gives us the comfort of knowing that we can physically rely on someone. For example, if we need someone to help us move or pick us up from the airport, A best friend knows us inside and out. And so we can offer advice relevant to who we are—in short, having a best friend. It can have life-changing positive implications.  

3. Group Friends

Group friends, or people with whom you share mutual friends. You often meet up or talk to each other on a group chat or video. Call all the same time. You might not necessarily spend time. With all of these group friends, one-on-one, but you enjoy spending time together, Root friends are great to have because you can do things together like attending music festivals or holding dinner parties. You can do things as a group. That wouldn't be as fun if you were doing them with just one other friend. Having a group of friends can be very comforting. It's nice to know that several people have your back. Being in a group means there's always someone around to offer advice or to help you out of a turkey situation. If you have a group of friends, you get several perspectives on things rather than just one. For example, if you ask your friend group for advice, one of those friends might give you some poor advice, But because there's a group of you. Other friends would pick up on it and provide you with better-suited advice. Plus, with a group of friends, it's more likely that at least one friend will be knowledgeable about specific topics and can help you out with certain things. For example, let's say you want to start investing in cryptocurrency. Your best friend might not know anything about cryptocurrency, But it's likely that at least one of your friends in the group would be and could offer some guidance and advice. Having a good group of friends is like having a second family; each member is unique. But together, you form a solid unit.

4. Life Stage Friends

While our best friends may be lifelong friends in life stage, friends are friends we connect with because we are at the exact locations in life. For example, you may connect with other parents at a toddler class. With these friends, you can lean on each other for any worries about your kids, share stories about your kids that others might not be interested in, or perhaps you just graduated from college and our job hunting. Having a friend that is doing the same can provide you with a boost in morale for finding your dream grad job. Life-stage friends are the friends you can relate to most with whatever is currently happening in your life because they're also experiencing the same thing. These friends truly understand what's going on in our lives at this very moment and are going through it with us or friends that are invaluable to us here and now. Life stage friends are the best kinds of friends for giving us advice on whatever particular stage. While our best friends or work friends understand our life situations, to an extent, our life-stage friends genuinely know how it feels to go through whatever it is that we're going through. Our other friends might be at entirely different stages from us. And their lives can progress at completely different paces. That means they're not precisely the most equipped to advise us on our lives when our lives look so different from theirs. Our life-stage friends may not make sense in the long run, and that's okay, But they serve a real purpose for the current moment.

5. Work Friends

  When it's a work day, most of us spend half of our waking hours at our place of Work. Since a big chunk of our lives is spent at Work, we shouldn't neglect our need to socialize just because we're working. A recent study looked into how having a good friend at Work. It made several critical conclusions that impact your performance and enjoyment at Work. Firstly, having a good friend at Work is strongly linked to business outcomes, including profitability safety, Inventory control, and retention. Secondly, if you have a good friend at Work, you are much more likely to engage customers and internal partners and get more done in less time. Support a safe workplace with fewer accidents and reliability concerns, Innovate and share ideas, and have fun at Work.Work friends are beneficial because they offer a certain kind of camaraderie and support. For example, a work friend is someone we could confide in if we are having a bad day at Work; they're also great for providing us with advice on our careers since they're also working. In the same field, We may or may not spend time with our work friends outside of Work; our work friends might not even be the kind of people we would ordinarily spend time with, But while we're at Work, they're there for us as people we trust. Work friends are important because they can help us to be more productive at Work. They're supportive when things go wrong and uniquely poised to help us progress in our careers. Those were the five types of friends. It would be best if you had it in your life. Do you have all these types of friends? Or do you think it's time you made some new social connections? How good are you at making friends? If you're not exactly the best at connecting with people and turning acquaintances into friends, you're not alone; being good at making new friends is a little bit of an art form, and there are certain things you might be doing that are deterring people from becoming, your friend. 

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