Apartment Safety Tips: Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Apartment Safety tips

Getting the house of your dream is really hard these days. Even if you get a house somehow, there are lots of other things you need to look out for. But most important of all is security and safety. In this post, I am gonna tell you some of the most important apartment safety tips. Read them carefully and remember them for life!

Security and safety are one of the most common issues of concern these days. No matter if you are working in the transportation industry, production industry, IT industry, or even at home safety and security is a major concern. You have to make sure your home is safe, you have to always look out for yourself, your loved ones and your belongings.

Moving into a new apartment is always exciting for some people. Also, your dealer might have got you a beautiful place that you love. But don’t be lured away by the light of charm of the house. The thing you need to do here is put on your safety glasses check for the following things.

Things You Should Do Before Moving In

Here is the list of things you should do before moving to any place.

  • Research about the area: The crime rate is increasing day by day. You can talk local police about the crimes in the area. You can get know the history of crimes in the area. The websites like infogr.am and mylocalcrime.com can be helpful in this issue. Also, research about the neighborhood, maybe your neighborhood contains sewage treatment plant that spreads bad smell all the time or maybe a construction site or a factory that makes noise all day. Believe me, you don’t want to live there just because you got a really nice house.
  • Check the lighting nearby: It might happen that someday you are on your way to home and suddenly out of nowhere a thief came and robbed you in the night. The places with poor light or dark places are the favorite spots for the robbers and thieves. So, always check the lights in hallways, on the walkways, stairs, and in the parking.
  • Check for Damage: No matter what your broker says, there is always somethings he didn’t tell us. So, take a general look. Observe around. Check for broken windows, doors, take a look at the peephole, check stains.
  • Check the door and window locks: Locks are the first line of defense in keeping an intruder entering your home. Check if your windows slide all the way and correctly. Make sure all your window and door locks are working properly.
  • Check the alarms: Alarms are a good way to keep your home safe from fire. So, check the smoke alarm, is it too old? Replace it. Smoke alarms must be changed in the span of 10 years.
  • Check for the surveillance: Always check if your area is covered by CCTV surveillance. This is the good way to keep your precious things safe like cars, bike etc.

Now, let’s say your new home passed in all of the above tests. You got the house you love and you moved in. But, there is also an issue of keeping your lovely home safe. So, here is the list of things you need to do after you moved to a new apartment.

Things You Need to Do After Moving In

Here’s the list of apartment safety tips you need to remember when you move into any new place.

  • Change the locks: The first things you need to do after moving to the new apartment is to change the locks or buy some extra locks. Extra locks are the good measure of security and provide an extra layer of safety.
  • Check the sliding doors: Is your balcony have a sliding door? They are always great for the sunshine, aren’t they? But be careful sliding doors are weak in nature. Even if you live on a second floor doesn’t mean you are safe. For optimal security, make sure to arm your sliding door with an inside bar lock or a pole on the track. You can also install a secondary locking mechanism with a metal pin inserted through the doorframe and into the sliding door.
  • Buy a safe: You will never know when you might get robbed. Safes are the good place to keep your precious things secure. Safes are available at a very reasonable price, just make sure to buy a safe of good quality. While it cannot provide absolute security but it can be useful to hide valuable things from thieves who just wants to grab things in plain site without getting caught.
  • Know your neighbors: Getting to know who lives next door is a good thing. Help them to bring their glossaries from the car, give a hand to old peoples. Helping is a good thing, now you are helping them one day they will help you when you are in trouble. Just to know there is someone nearby who is always ready to help you creates a secure feeling in your mind.
  • Install security system: There is lot less chance of getting a house robbed with a security system installed than the house without security system installed. Security systems are a great way to keep your home safe from intruders. There are lots of wired and wireless advanced security systems available in the market. Install a good security system. Why risk a major security issue over only few hundred bucks?

Now, after moving into an apartment you might do all of the things above. But, there are also certain things you can do a daily basis to make sure safety of your lovely home and for your loved ones.

Things You Can Do on a Daily Basis

List of certain things to do which can ensure the safety of your apartment:

  • Always turn off the gas and water before leaving: Most of the fire accident is caused by gas leakage. So, always make sure to turn off the gas before leaving or after you are done with the use. If you do smell gas leakage, open all the windows, call the fire department and abandon the apartment.
  • Don’t leave notes on the door: Leaving notes for others on the door while going out is an open invitation to intruders. Always use other methods like calling or texting to notify them. If you are going out for a long duration, then tell your neighbors or friends to keep an eye on your home.
  • Always lock the doors and windows: I am not talking about your main door only, there is another door like balcony door. Balcony door or an open window is the easy way for an intruder to enter your house. So, always lock all the windows and doors before going out.
  • Don’t keep anything valuable in the balcony: Many people put lots of stuff in the balcony. Trust me! Your balcony is not the safe storage area. If you want to keep your things in the balcony like your bicycle, consider locking it up.

This is it, the list of major things you need to do to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Also, there are lots of other things I didn’t mention that are pretty common in the society like keeping an eye on children, reporting suspicious activity and many others. Hope you follow the above guidelines. If you have any questions you can comment them down below. Stay safe!



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