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The do and don't when preparing your Christmas Wishlist.


Customize Your Wishlist Or Reminders To Your Liking

So you've finally finished your wishlist, but it would seem that there was one item you couldn't figure out how to customize for your use. You could spend hours trying to figure it out, so here's a tip for better customizing your wishlist!

1. What are wishlists

Wishlists are those special collections of links and bookmarks you have collected from all over the internet. They can be saved in your browser or a web-based program like Evernote.

2. Customize Your List

Whether the items are links saved or bookmarks recorded, the only difference is that you can now add more information to each item in the collection.

3. Save Items to the Wish List

You can click the 'Save this to my Wish List button in the top right corner of the page and store the item as a bookmark, link, or any other folder to which you want to save the item in the future.

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Customize your wishlists using the filters you like

This is probably simple, but you would have seen others struggle to use this method. With the filters page, you can change the filters on your items for different categories. This method lets you see a clearer view of what you want to buy!

Customize your wishlists using the filter menu

If the filters on the side of the wishlist don't work for you—or you'd prefer to see all your items at once—you can always use the filter menu next to the wishlist description.

Create, use, and track any of your wishlists

Whether you had it before or created it yourself, a wishlist can seem like a hassle to have or keep track of. The following steps will help you get past this problem:

Step 1. Create the wishlist in whatever manner you want

Step 2. Create a bookmark for the item you wish to mark so that you make more informed decisions later.

Step 3. Add the items to your bookmark (and, therefore, your wishlist) using any methods you desire.

Step 4. When the time is right, check your bookmarked items and see what you like and do.

And so, the first two things we would address in a customized list would be making a list of items you'd like to mark and creating a bookmark to place on your wishlists. But that wasn't all! In this article, we would like to add a step to this process.

Create a custom reminder

This is crucial to ensure your list works as you intend. Here

Receive automated reminders to check your wishlists when they are overdue

You may have to check your wishlist items at least once every couple of days, but if you don't, you'll quickly find that many things will have lost their luster and begun to look stale. It's important to give those items a little bit of loving care. Otherwise, they'll start to go on a journey of neglect.

Let your wishlist update itself automatically.

Some wishlist websites allow you to update your list automatically, whether adding or removing items, and the website will do the rest automatically.

You can customize your wishlist's appearance to your liking.

Some websites allow you to customize the appearance of your wishlist to match your home decor. You can, for example, choose a theme that matches a color from your room. You can also add a favorite color to your wishlist to quickly identify the items you like.

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FAQs about our wishlists service

We want you to be successful with the service, so we have laid down some rules to try and stop anyone from asking what you can't do. You can use up to five customizations at a time, so try to find something unique… or spend even more time customizing later down the track!

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