Do We Really Need 6GB RAM For Smarphones?

A couple of years ago a OnePlus a smartphone company from China launched its first smartphone named as OnePlusOne. It was quite a good smartphone and its sales were so high that company had to sell it on an invite basis. That smartphone also is known as a ‘flagship killer’. Now after 2 years to continue it’s legacy OnePlus launched OnePlus 3 This smartphone also got the attention of so many people because of its specs. Running Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530 GPU and 3000 MAh battery. But this was not the thing that got the attention of so many people, it’s 6GB RAM did the magic. No smartphone in the market is currently running on┬ásuch a huge RAM.

So the question is do we really need that much RAM in our smartphone?
Random Access Memory or RAM is hardware which is used to store data temporarily. RAM is faster other storage hardware and accessing data from there is also quicker. Smartphones upgraded from 3GB of RAM to 4GB of RAM, and budget smartphone got bumped up from 1GB to 2GB of RAM. It’s quite surprising that maybe your computer still runs on 2GB or 4GB of RAM.

Is More RAM Better?

More is always better. Having more than the absolutely essential amount of RAM is never going to harm. More the RAM the more the CPU can think of tasks at the same time, the more it thinks the more apps and services can run in the background, this will enable much faster switching between apps and ability to run more piece of software. So it helps to run smartphone smoothly. But there’s also a downside of this. Because of the huge amount of RAM more apps will run in the background which means more CPU usage. This cause in more battery drainage. Today’s smartphones are facing the problem with battery backup. So having more amount of RAM will not help you in the battery department.

RAM Management Issue

There is also an issue of RAM management. You know that every iPhone previously having only 1GB of RAM except iPhone 6S having 2GB still they can manage performance level of 4GB RAM android smartphone. The reason behind this is android uses a different programming language (Java) for app development. Because of the process is known as ‘garbage collection, ‘ android uses so much more RAM than iOS. There is also a problem of customization. Smartphone companies like Samsung, ASU, and others uses heavily customized software for their smartphones. This causes poor RAM management. A well-known smartphone Nexus 6P with 3GB RAM can beat Note 6 with 4GB of RAM in terms of performance because of better RAM management.

The smartphone company giving more and more amount of RAM because they are making smartphone future proof and ready for upcoming apps and games. But when it comes to performance not only having more RAM matters,there are other aspects that make a smartphone great. So do we really need that much RAM for a smartphone?
For now, my answer is NO. Try to stick with 3GB RAM. It’s enough for handling all the apps you will need in the near future.

What do you think? Is 6GB RAM really required? Comment your views below in comment box. You can also comment the topics which you would like me to post. Feel free to ask any question you have for me.

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