Google Allo: Quick Look at Google’s latest Messaging App

Google Allo

Google has finally made available its new messaging app ‘Allo’. It is a new smart messaging app for iPhone and Android with Google Assistant built in. I have been using it for a while now and it does just fine. It does things like texting, sending pics, stickers just like other messaging apps. But there is a variety of other messaging apps available. Will Google Allo made you recommend this app to your friends?

My experience with Google Allo is good, but Google needs far more than good to make users switch their primary messaging app. Can Google do it with the help of Google Assistant and smart replies? My answer is still NO. This doesn’t mean that Google Allo is bad but they still need so many improvements to make it lovable.

How does It work?

The way Google Allo works is pretty simple. There are few elements of surprise in setup process of an app. You might know that using any other google service requires your Google ID, but here you only require your phone number. Google Allo identifies you with your phone number. It verifies your number through SMS verification. You can later associate your Google ID with your Account. After it just access your contacts and shows the contacts at the top which are using Allo.

Google Allo

If some of your contacts don’t have the app installed it will basically do two things. If your contact has iPhone; Google Allo will send an SMS with your name and installation instruction. On the other side if your contact has Android; their phone will directly show the message content in the notification. Then your receiver can either reply to you through notification or click on it to install the app.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is only available in English for now, but it will soon be available in other languages. There are two ways by which you can chat with Google Assistant- you can directly chat with it or you can ask it to join the conversation by just simply typing @google. Google Assistant is very smart. Taking its help is super easy. It can show you the hotels and restaurants nearby, movie shows and many more things. It can even tell you your next flights by fetching info from Gmail and other Google services. You can also ask the question to Allo and it will answer, also ask the follow-up question and it will answer. It can even tell you jokes and interesting facts in case you are bored (obviously it tells very bad jokes).

Every time someone text you back, Google Assistant gives you tiny boxes filled with smart replies (Thanks to Google’s machine learning). It can even identify an image of an animal or baby and suggest reply accordingly.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant


Other Features

Google Allo has some other features that you can expect from any modern messaging app. It has stickers, which is designed by the artists from worldwide. The app by default comes with some basic stickers but can download additional stickers at any time. Some of them are pretty good.

You can directly  paint or write on the image you are sending. Swiping send button up or down makes your text expand or shrink accordingly (it represents shout and quite talk). One of the best features I like in Allo is smart replies. It analyzes the message content and shows reply suggestions accordingly. Suppose somebody asks you- “dinner tonight?” It will suggest you “sure” or “ok” or a thumbs up emoji. It also works with images. Suppose you receive an image of a cat from someone then it will suggest replies like- “aww” or “beautiful”.

Google Allo


Google is keeping the message backups on its servers in order to learn the smart replies. There is also an incognito mode which when activated your conversation will become end-to-end encrypted. Google will not keep any messages on its server in incognito mode.

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Should You Switch?

After using it for a while, my answer to this question will be- “NO”. There are many other messaging apps with billion users like “WhatsApp” and “Facebook Messanger” and they are far ahead from Google Allo. There still has lots of room to grow for Allo, considering it is a new app. There are lots projects of Google which failed terribly, like Google Plus and Hangouts. Who knows this might be one of them or not.

Let me know what you think about Google’s new messaging app in the comment section down below. Ideas and feedback are welcomed. Stay tuned for future updates.

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