How powerful is Starfire?

Starfire is one of the most powerful alien superheroes and people really need to see that. So lets see all of Starfires powers and abilites and how far she can fight

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  • Sun hot star bolts – so Starfires main weapon is her red hot, sun strike star bolts that she can use to her advantages. So Starfires biggest feat is that she destroyed 17 tanks. And all of them were made of Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, Cast Iron, and Uranium. And the melting point of these special metals combined is 7903.6. And Starfire destroyed more than 19 of these tanks and metal bullets. And multiplying 7903.6 x 19 is 616480.4  degrees Fahrenheit and in Celcius, her star bolts are hotter then 342471.33 degrees Celcius. And the sun is hotter than 5,500 degrees in Celcius. so they were not lying. Starfires star bolts are hotter than the sun! Her star bolts are comparable to Supermans eye-blasts. In fact, they are hotter then Supermans.
  • Hand to hand combat – Now Starfire does not have the best combat speed, but Starfire does have good combat skills. She knows kickboxing, alien martial arts, and she is a weapons master. Starfire is a great fighter then Nightwing and Jason Todd. If she had an upgraded combat speed, she would be on Wonder Woman’s level. Starfire has defeated all the Amazonians in combat speed. And she has been on Wonder Woman’s level of combat which is one hell of a feat.
  • Super strength – There was this one time, Starfire was so strong that when she slammed her hands on the ground it caused the earth to crack and caused an earthquake across the city. Starfire helped lift an elevator, she even lifted up Red Hood and lifted up Suzie Zee, and she weighs more than 2,000 pounds. And judging from Sarfires weight to size to the elevator and Red Hood, and even Suzie Starfire was lifting more than 63 tons. Starfire has shown lifting feats far superior to Cyborg. Cyborg can lift 1 building, and Starfire can lift more than 1 building. So she can lift more than 700,000 tons. And in Teen Titans Go, Starfire has lifted a ferry boat which judging from her size to her weight and judging from the size of the ferry boat, we can infer Starfire was lifting more than 1 million tons. Starfire is never left without her super-strength.
  • Telekinetic abilities – Starfire in the Teen titan s series Starfire and Cinderblock was in a hand to hand combat fighting match and she raised her hand with her star bolt still in her hand and the metal pole melted. And in the Teen Titans Go series, Starfire lifted her hands yet again and she raised more than 4 snowballs out of the ground that she filled with her own powers and they did some pretty powerful damage. And when she in her berserk state she can make objects around her fly again in the Teen Titans go series.
  • Solidified star bolts – Starfire in the injustice 2 game she, akes her move called the starry night and when she does that she solidifies her star bolts to make sword-like objects that do some awesome damage and when she intensifies it in a meter burn, her combos are effortless, and they are literally amazing.
  • SuperSpeed – And again in the Injustice 2 game Starfires super move she moves to space in under light speeds, and more than Mach speeds, which is pretty damn fast. Starfire had to be moving more than 499,382 times the speed of light and  670,616,629 is the speed of light.
  • Firey hair – In the Injustice 2 game yet AGAIN. Starfires move burning desire she burns the opponent with her hair is an orange flame, and an orange flame is hotter than 1200 degrees Celcius. Everything about her is hot even her. Starfire can move at FTL speeds in space and on the earth. So she can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Hot skin – When Starfire goes into a berserk state, Starfires skin can melt metal. Starfires skin can get as hot as 660 degrees Celcius. Starfire really is a good ass superheroine.
  • Mind Control Defense – Starfires mind is basically a steel trap. Thanks to Starfires Tamaranian genes, Starfires mind blocks all telepathy mind control defences and say if she is fighting Raven, Raven would not be able to manipulate her mind and make her confused because Starfires powers are based on her powers.
  • Leadership skills – Starfire has made countless ships and she has made countless asteroids explode with them. She is just like the Harriet Tubman of Tamaran. Starfire has saved more than 5000 of the Tamaranian slaves and helped them out by helping them work on her vessel ship.
  • Power draining kills – Starfire is a threat to all Kryptonians thanks to her abilities to drain basically anything of their power source as long as they get the power from the sun just like her. So she can drain Superman’s power, she can drain Supergirls powers and Power girls powers. So she might not beat the Kryptonians but she is a gigantic threat to all of them.
  • Superhuman durability – Starfire can survive in the vacuum of space and she can even move at FTL speeds, and FTL means faster than light. She has taken punches from Superman, and Wonder Woman and her head ain’t fall off so yeah that’s a redeeming quality. Starfire even survived being slammed to the ground by a 43 feet demon. And the demon’s hand can cover most of Atlanta and Georgia at the same time. She has even beaten and defeated the Dinosaurs that are the height of 7+ feet.
  • Superhuman refluxes – Starfire has the power of trap awareness and that means that her senses are more powerful then Sidermans spidey senses, and if not as powerful the same speed. She also has quick reaction speeds by blocking hits from Wonder Woman.
  • Super Hearing – And another perk for being a Tamaranian is that Starfire has the power of super hearing and that gives the fast speeds that she can react to.
  • Supersight – Starfire thanks to her Tamaranian genes again, Starfire has the power of super hearing. And she has better reaction speeds and hearing than her brother and her sister. So Starfire is the most powerful in the super hearing and sight.
  • eye beams – Now Starfires eyebeams are not shown as much and we don’t have a lot of feats going for her eye blasts but I know they are weaker than the star bolts.
  • nova – Starfires nova blast in Injustice 2 was bigger than Saturn and was sturdy enough to knock out asteroids. Starfire can make a new big bang with those abilities!
  • Energy shaping- Starfire can shape her star bolts and she can make shields, and she even protected people from her star bolts.

Starfire is one of the most powerful. Don’t believe me well take a look at her feats.

  • Effortlessly destroys tanks with her star blasts
  • Causing a huge explosion and killing the Blight High Lord
  • Shows her awareness of traps and senses.
  • She used her star bolts to destroy a monster from the inside
  • A young Starfire punching a Citadel guard so hard with her star bolts she kills him.
  • Defeating Crux, a dragon.
  • Knowledge about first aid and healing.
  • Easily melting Jason’s gun with her skin.
  • Blasting and injuring Essence, a being so powerful that she survived being in the heart of Trigon.
  • Blasting and burning a group of armed men
  • Lifting and stoping an elevator that weighs 2,321 pounds plus the weight of Jason Todd, and he weighs 42 pounds and plus the weight of Suzie Zu who looks like she weighs over 700 pounds. We can infer that Starfire was lifting more than 16 tons.
  • Blasting Mr Freeze
  • Destroyed a whole bunch of alien ships
  • Good leadership skills
  • Strong enough to fight dinosaurs.
  • Blasting Chesire
  • masters swordswoman
  • Blasting international threats with ease
  • Easily flies with a giant sphere that weighs more than 62 tons.
  • Flies through a demonic skeleton
  • Easily lift a 7-ton elephant with one hand
  • She’s faster than a jet.
  • FTL in space
  • Moves to space in the morning and night
  • Can catch somebody she threw on the ground right before he splats
  • Reacts to Jesse Quick
  • Keeps pace with Donna and Jesse
  • Sweep saves her teammates from an explosion
  • Taken hits from an armed sack back, who is basically a demonic version of Shazam
  • Toucher then Grace Choi an amazonian
  • Blops Wonder Girl with her star bolts
  • Smacks a superboy clone with her star bolts
  • She can shape her star bolts to make them sharper of a shield-like shape.
  • Nova one-shots a brainiac ship.
  • Makes boasts implode.
  • She can control the speed of her bolts to make them very fast or a little bit slow.
  • Blocks bullets with her star bolts
  • Imploding bolts, make things collapse.
  • She fights against Wonder Woman
  • Goes hard against an amped Blackfire
  • Power drains and one-shots a Kryptonian
  • Wins an amazonian tournament
  • Resists Goths Apathy aura
  • She can survive the occasional blast which is so powerful, it can split through anybody if not skilled or bulletproof
  • She flew light-years
  • Does light rays of light from Thia, the Sun goddess
  • Moves faster than light rays
  • Shook part of a city just by slamming her fists on the ground.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you have a different approach on Starfire, see you guys later.

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