How to Select the Perfect Domain Name for SEO?

How To Select The Best Domain Name

The domain name is the most important thing you need for your online presence may it be a brand, business, blog or website. If you choose a wrong domain name you would have to spend a lot more on advertising and SEO than you would need to with the right domain name.

How to Select the Perfect Domain Name?

Before purchasing the domain name you must check all  of the following points:

  1. Always Select .com Domain if Available

    This is absolutely the most important thing to look for while selecting the domain name. It doesn’t matter if you are registering the domain for hosting a website, blog or a local business your first priority must be to get a .com domain if the name matches your primary requirement in the domain name.

  2. Choose Between Brand or Keyword Based or Hybrid Domain Name

    Register a Domain Name
    Search Result for the keyword “register a domain name” at the Zeroth Position on Google.
    & are examples of brands, & are keyword based domains and &  are hybrid domains in the domain registrar business.
    A brand name need not contain any keyword or be a meaningful word but must be small, easy to remember and spell. If possible try to get a single word brand name like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The selection of the name to be a brand name is a good idea if you are willing to spend on the branding.
    It is easy to remember brand names and associate with its business when we visit their web sites a few times. But what about acquiring a new user? A new user would find it rather hard to associate GoDaddy and BigRock to domain registration but the name and give the users a hint that the website must be related to domain registration. Hence new users click on such results in search engines and the website enjoys higher CTR.
    If both are not an option then go for a hybrid domain. You can combine a keyword and your brand name to make the domain name. This type of domain enjoys both the benefits of brand and keyword but is not as effective as them. A good hybrid domain is of two words and small in length.

  3. Domain should be Small in Length

    Smaller the domain is higher is its worth and domain authority. Any .com domain of character length of 4 characters or less is declared premium domain by the domain registrars. Small domains are easy to remember and quick to type which gives lots of direct returning visitors. Hence small domain names are used for branding these days. I would recommend domain names up to 8 characters long as long as it is a .com domain. For other domain extensions, 6 characters are long enough.,,,,,, etc. are popular examples of small domain names.

  4. Domain should be Easily Spellable

    If you want your website to grow from word of mouth like it did with FaceBook you should select a spellable domain. You should avoid words that are generally misspelled by the people in your domain name. A popular domain name that is misspelled is which is often misspelled as Although most of the visitors are returned to Delicious via Google’s autocorrect and suggestions for popular keywords and domains you would lose a lot of direct visitors if your domain name contains generally misspelled words.

  5. The domain should NOT contain Numbers, Hyphens, Articles, Gerunds, etc.

    Do you know was before Sean Parker suggested Mark Zuckerberg to “remove the The“? People may think that it doesn’t matter, would still be the #1 social network if they haven’t removed the ‘The’ and maybe they could be right. But as an expert, I appreciate the step and if you have a bit of experience in this field you would too. Aside from articles (a, an & the) do not include hyphens (), numbers (0 9), gerunds (tofor) in the domain. A domain for a transport company that transports goods from India to the USA should be instead of or  or

Keep these points in mind before purchasing a domain name and I guarantee your domain will perform better than it would have if you had not considered them.

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If you have any doubts regarding choosing a domain name, comment it below and I will help you to select the best domain name for you.

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