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How To Handle All Type Of Energies

Energy should be judged based on its importance and power.

How To Handle All Type Of Energies

Energy is an essential part of our universe. It is counted in two aspects, i.e., positive and negative energy.

Positive energy gives positive results. It helps in overcoming stress, depression, etc. Negative energy gives less happiness. Negative energy weakens an individual in work because we think only of negative aspects of life.

Positive energy refers to God, and negative energy means evil. This is the energy that harms every good people.

Steps To Deal With Any Energy:

i) First, prepare your mind as per the condition and then choose only positive energy, which is good because it gives positive power.

ii) Arrange all positive thoughts in your mind and say all good ideas.

iii) Associate with each people who work for humanity and for saving good genuine people.

iv) Even help yourself tackle bad conditions with your guts and without support.

v) Keep a balance in your thinking power and mind control by meditating daily.

vi) For negative energy, focus on its weakness and simple solution to stay safe.

vii) Judge your power level with negative energy. Further, give the same reply when you feel the point is still more powerful than you.

viii) Stay well connected with positive people to live in unity.

ix) Work hard to increase your power level and then check it with proof; only then make a hard decision to teach them a good lesson.

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