How to Install Dual Boot Linux Mint alongside Windows

Install Dual Boot Linux Mint alongside Windows

Want to explore the world of Linux? Need to install Linux for study or work purposes? Want to start developing apps? 0r just want to get to know new things? Don’t want to lose your primary and beloved Windows operating system? Then you will need to install dual boot Linux Mint alongside Windows.

There are many types of Linux distributions available on the internet; Linux Mint is one. It was started almost 10 years ago in 2006. Linux Mint distribution is based on Debian and Ubuntu. But it is powerful and easy to use. One of the main reasons to choose Linux Mint over other distributions is that- it provides complete multimedia support out-of-the-box and comes with many free, open-source application packages.

Dual-booting Linux with Windows or any other operating system is quite simple. Many people found it so hard but trust me, it is straightforward. Also, this process is pretty much similar to all other Linux distributions. Here I have explained the process step-by-step and in detail.

How to Install Dual Boot Linux Mint alongside Windows

Here I have illustrated the process in three steps. The first step is to create free space for dual boot Linux Mint installation. The second step is to create bootable media through which you can install Linux Mint. The third step involves the actual installation process.

Note: Before processing further, I recommend creating a backup of your system. The process I illustrated below doesn’t cause any loss of data. But, just in case something goes wrong, you will need a recovery drive to restore your Windows operating system back.

Step 1: Create Free Space to Install Linux Mint

You will need to create free space for Linux installation. There are lots of ways to create free space on your PC. But, we will be doing it on Windows disk management utility.

  • In Windows, press Win key + R and type: diskmgmt.MSC hit enter.

disk management

  • Disk Management utility will open, and select the drive on which you want to install Linux Mint (prefer the industry with lots of free space).

disk management utility

  • Right Click on the selected drive and choose Shrink volume.

Disk Management

  • Now, enter the volume size to shrink in MB on which you wish to install Linux Mint (I recommend creating a minimum of 15 GB free space), then click Shrink.

Creating Free Space to install Linux Mint

  • After that, you will see the free space created on that drive, labeled as unallocated space.

Creating Free Space to install Linux Mint

This unallocated space will be used for dual boot Linux Mint installation. As we have completed our first step, let’s move toward the second. The second step includes creating bootable media for Linux Mint installation. If you already have bootable media like CD or USB drive, skip step 2; if you don’t, follow step second.

Step 2: Create Bootable Media for Linux Mint Installation

You will require a CD or USB drive and an ISO image of the Linux Mint distribution. You can download Linux Mint ISO images (Don’t worry, the link will open in a new tab). If you use a USB drive, I recommend using USB 3.0 as it is faster than others.

I have written another article about creating bootable media for Linux installation. Check the link below and follow the instructions carefully.

The process of creating bootable media is the same for all Linux Distributions. Now, I assume you have followed the instructions in the above article and successfully created bootable media for Linux installation. So, now it’s time to move towards our third and final step, which is to install dual boot Linux Mint alongside Windows.

Step 3: Install Dual Boot Linux Mint on Free Space

Now, we have reached the final step; at this step, we will finally install dual boot Linux Mint alongside Windows. Before proceeding further, you need to know how to boot from bootable media. It is F8, F10, or Esc buttons most of the time.

  • Boot from bootable media.
  • When the following screen appears, click on Install Linux Mint.

Install Linux Mint

  • Next, choose the language of your choice and hit Continue.

Install Linux Mint

  • Check the box to install third-party software for multimedia purposes and click Continue.

Install Linux Mint

  • Now, if the option Install Linux mint alongside them is visible, select it and hit Install Now (it is usually visible on systems with UEFI firmware); if not, head over to the next step; otherwise, skip the following 6 steps.

Install dual boot linux mint alongside windows

  • If I don’t have the above option available, select Something else and hit Continue.

Install dual boot linux mint alongside windows

  • The following window will appear, select the free space, and click on the ‘+’ icon.

Install dual boot linux mint

  • Next, we will create the SWAP partition. Enter the size in MB, select the swap area from the drop-down menu, and hit OK. Many people say its size should be as double as your RAM, but I won’t find it necessary. You can create the swap partition with the same size as your RAM.

creating swap partition

  • You can see the swap partition created on your drive. Now, again select the free space and click on the ‘+‘ icon.

install dual boot Linux Mint

  • Enter all your remaining free space from the drive, and select Ext4 journaling file system from the drop-down menu. Set the mount point to→ /, then hit OK.

install dual boot Linux Mint

  • Now, select the ext4 partition and click on Install Now.

install dual boot Linux Mint

  • The following window will appear; click on Continue.

install dual boot Linux Mint

  • Select your time zone and press Continue.

select time zone Linux Mint

  • The following form will appear; fill in the details and click on Continue.

Linux Mint Account Setup

  • After that, the installation process will begin; wait until it finishes.

Linux Mint Installation

  • After the installation process completes, click on Restart Now.

Your computer will restart, and the Linux Mint bootloader will appear. From there, you can choose which operating system to boot. Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the steps to install dual boot Linux Mint alongside Windows. You can now enjoy the taste of two OS on your PC.

If you like this article, do share it with your friends. If you still have any questions, you can comment them down below; we would be happy to help. Also, your suggestions and feedback are welcomed.

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