iOS 10: Release Date, Preview & Features

iOS 10

Couple of days ago, Apple released iOS 10 beta version for few of its phones. It’s a public beta, that means anyone can download it. This beta is mainly for developers & testers who creates apps for iOS. So, we might not have to wait much longer till official iOS 10 to release. There are many changes in iOS 10 considering previous one. iPhone 7 is going to launch in a week of Sep 12th. So, we might see updates popping up for iPhone before Sep 12th. After using the public beta for couple of days, here is some top features of iOS 10.

1. Raise To Wake

This feature is a great feature in iOS so far. You only have to raise your phone, in order to wake the screen up. No need to press the home button or power buttons. We can already see this feature in lots of Android smartphones. Although this feature requires M9 processor. M9 processor is only available in most recent iPhones including iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus and iPhone SE. This feature might not be available in old versions than iPhone 6S.

2. Lock Screen

This feature will make you fall in love with new lock screen. In iOS 10 lock screen has went through complete makeover. First of all no more swipe to unlock. In order to unlock your phone you have to press home button. If you have touch ID registered then you have to scan your fingerprint. Camera shortcut is also changed. To access camera from lock screen swipe up will not work, it is changed to swipe left. Notification bar is still accessible through lock screen. Notifications are well separated in iOS 10. You can even reply to messages using 3D touch without even leaving lock screen. Here is an image of iOS 10 lock screen:

iOS 10

Apple has also added support for widgets. This is probably much awaited feature for for iOS. It has been available for Android for long time.Widgets provide mandatory info without having to open particular app. Widgets is nothing but a panel which shows summarized info collected from app. For ex Calendar app shows our important appointments or Weather widget shows today’s weather forecast. Widgets is also available on lock screen, on right swipe.

iOS 10 widgets

3. Apple Maps

Apple has added many functionality in their Maps app. There were so many annoying bugs and inabilities in Apple Maps. Apple has improve it’s Maps experience with it’s feature rich app. Apple has also added traffic info in order to compete with Google Maps. Apple has improved it’s intelligent route suggestion, added more nearby places. Apple is also making Maps available to third party apps like Uber, in order to make integration with third party apps.

Apple Maps

4. Siri

Siri is improved in iOS 10. We can chat with Siri normally. Now Siri can also work with third party apps. Apple has added integration support in Siri. This feature is available on Android with Google Now. Now, Siri can do tasks which are related to third party apps. For example, if you wanna book a ride, you can command Siri to book a ride and Siri will automatically book ride for you by using integration with third party app.


5. Apple Music & Home

Apple Music has gone through some serious redesigning. Apple Music has more cleaner and simple interface now. It organizes your playlist more effectively. It shows lyrics and intelligently suggest music for you. But if you are not a paid user, it will be of no use to you.

Apple Music

Apple Home is smart toolkit. It uses one interface for all your gadgets, and intelligently organised them to change the mood of the scene. This app appear as Home in app drawer. It’s notification widget is also accessible through lock screen.

Apple Home

6. Photos

Now photo app will handle your photos differently. This app can collect various photos and make a album from it like ‘Memories’. This app will also be capable of creating a movie from your photos, all the thing will be customizable including mood, length etc. Photo app is going to use Apple’s “Advance Computer Vision” , this will help in easy organisation of photos. Organisation base on faces is also possible thanks to computer vision. This app is surely ging to compete with Google Photos app.


Apple Photos

7. Heads-Up Notification

Many times it happens that, you are watching movie and someone texts you. So in order to text him back you had to have open the particular app. Well! say goodbye to that method now, apple has introduced direct-reply in iOS 10. You can directly reply to message without even having to leave the app.

DIrect Reply

8. Messages

Apple has improved it’s message service a lot. It is the best and my favorite feature in iOS 10. It is all about expressions. Apple has added 3X bigger emoji. The app can identify the particular word and can replace it with emoji. This won’t stop here Apple has also added functionality like bubble effect (for saying something in excitement) or to say something silently. There is also another feature called ‘Apple Ink’. The receiver have to slide over the message to revel the surprise. You can also reply to text in your own handwriting using feature called ‘Digital Ink’.



9. Redesigned Control Center

The Control Center has been redesigned in iOS 10. The font is been little bolder and added ‘Night Shift’ Mode. There is bigger toggle for Airdrop. On the right side of the Control Center, there is an entire separate panel for volume and media control.


10. Clear All Button

If you are using iOS 9.3.3, probably you have been annoyed by clearing notification. In previous iOS you have to clear each particular notification or bunch of it individually. In iOS 10 they have added clear all button, by using 3D touch you just have to tap on ‘x’ icon. For those phones who do not support 3D touch should have to double tap on ‘x’ to clear all the notifications.

Clear All Button


iOS 10 will be available to following set of devices. The devices before that will not be able to get iOS 10 update.

iOS 10 Compatibility

More To Come

There are still few days left till official release. We are going to see more improvements and features in final version of iOS 10. We are going to follow up on more updates and discover more features. Stay tune for more updates.

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