iPhone 7: Specs, Release Date & Rumors

iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is one of most highly anticipated phones of this year. Apple takes lots of effort to make their phone a great product. So no question there are many Apple fans around our society. Every year Apple launch their iPhone with couple of new tweaks and features. Many of iPhone fans waits every year for new iPhone to come out and to buy it. iPhones are among the one of most sold products in smartphone industry. No doubt it is popular, and why shouldn’t it be? It provides really good performance with really good mix of specs. This year, it’s time for next iPhone (iPhone 7 probably). Apple fans are being so desperate for new iPhone launch. There are so many leaks and rumors going around the web about iPhone 7. It’s been only 50 days remaining for final launch event. So we have round up best specs, features and design changes that might will be in next iPhone.


Since the release of 1st iPhone, Apple is been very straight about it’s naming system. I would be surprised if they put any other name than iPhone 7. But there is also news on web that, Apple is going to name their next phone as iPhone 6SE. I don’t think Apple is going to do such stupid thing, that’s all rumors.

Release Date

Since the initial release of 1st iPhone, Apple is holding their launch event in the month of either sep or oct. Well! here is good news. We know the exact date, when next iPhone is going to release. It is going to release in somewhere in between the week of Sep 12th. Speaking of exact date will be Sep 16th. So guys mark this date down on your calendar, because that’s when iPhone 7 will be hitting in a market.


We have seen that every iPhone came out has a kind of same formula in a design department. Well! here is an exception. iPhone 7 is going to come with lots of design changes on hardware side. Following are the list of changes that may occur in the next iPhone.


Gorilla Glass 5 has announced couple of days ago. What is so special about it? well, it is shatterproof up to 5.3 feet. Gorilla glass 4 was only shatter proof up to 3.2 feet. Apple’s been previously using ion method to harden the glass surface. This year it is going to come with Gorilla Glass 5. This is going to help a lot, for those who frequently drop there phones.

Audio Jack

Remember Moto Z, phone with no 3.5 mm audio jack?. It seems that iPhone is also going to ditch the 3.5 mm audio jack. There seems two options, 1st is to provide lightning to 3.5 mm adaptor for regular headphones in the box or made lightning headphones instead. Wonder what lightning headphone is?, here is our entire post explaining lightning headphones: Lightning Headphones: Explained!. There is also an option of providing bluetooth headphones.


Camera is one of most important part of a smartphone. We know that Apple is been really good making smartphone camera. Every iPhone previously came has great camera. iPhone 7 is not going to be exception for that. It is most likely to come with 12 MP same as previous one, but improved. The clone of iPhone 7 shows the camera is a lot bigger than previous one. The camera unit also protruding. That means same number of mega pixel but with large pixels which draws more light from subject, OIS (optical image stabilization) which wasn’t included in base version of iPhone 6S, bigger aperture (gives better low light performance). Here is the clone of iPhone 7 showing iPhone 7’s camera bump on the back:

iPhone 7


We know that every iPhone came out early has only one speaker unit at the bottom, following 3.5 mm audio jack and lightning port. Well this year considering leaks, iPhone 7 is going to come with stereo speakers, thanks to audio jack. That means we can enjoy watching movies with beautiful stereo  effects. Both the speakers will be placed on bottom of iPhone 7, one on the left side and one on the other, in the place of 3.5 mm audio jack.

Antenna Bands

Every year, each iPhone Apple had launched has a antenna bands. I am not saying it is creepy, but it definitely affects the beauty of the design of the phone. Looking at the clone it seems that Apple has finally got rid of the antenna bands from iPhone. That means iPhone 7 going to have plain back surface, which is going to looks so great.


Will apple going to kill the 16 GB base model? not sure!. But most likely we are going to see 32, 64, 128 GB models of iPhone 7. There is also rumors of 256 GB iPhone model, which would be highly appreciated by me, but I suspect it.

Overall iPhone 7 is going to be a great phone. It is going to perform well, will took really great photos and videos. But it’s not much different from iPhone 6S. This is it for now, but we are going to post more updates in this story. There are still 50 days for iPhone launch, hopefully we get our hands on more leaks and working units or clones in the future. Stay tune for more updates.

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