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  • If you follow the everyday news, you might have heard about recent bubbles in bitcoin. Starting from under $1,000 a couple of years ago, Bitcoin’s value has surged past by 19000% to reach the milestone of $19,000 […]

  • The Internet is a huge marketplace, taking your business online can reward you with a whole bunch of new customers from almost any corner of the world.

    Taking your business online is a dream of almost every […]

  • In its prime, Matka was the great leveler. The multi-crore betting business, astutely birthed in 1962 by Worli grocery supply shop proprietor Kalyanji Bhagat as a turn off of the wagering on the opening and […]

  • Having a website is an essential element of any business. it’s just like having your appearance in the virtual world.

    Whether you are a small business owner or a big-time hot-shot company, keeping your […]

  • Akshay Bhor wrote a new post, Tips To Speed Up Android Smartphone 3 years, 6 months ago

    Android is probably the best and most popular operating system right now! Billions of mobile devices are powered by Android today.

    But, there is this one thing we all face when it comes to our smartphones. The […]

  • How many times has it happened that you want to store or backup your beautiful pictures from your phone or a camera to your computer and it doesn’t have enough space?

    Starting from few MB’s to Terabytes today, […]

  • Apps are an important part of everyday life. From online shopping to paying bills, apps have made our lives a bit simpler and a bit more productive.

    But, in a world of zillions of apps, with editors choice, top […]

  • Google Chrome is Considered as one of the best browsers not only on the desktop but also on mobiles. Most of the people in the world use Chrome daily for surfing, no wonder it is also your default browser for the […]

  • Many of you might have dreamt of using Android and Windows alongside each other on your system. Android may be the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but it hasn’t been able to crawl its way in t […]

  • Are you running from law enforcement? Have you stolen a top-secret document from an organization that you shouldn’t mess with? Are you a guy who goes to his job in a day and does hacking in the night (Like Mr. R […]

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  • The smartphone industry is growing bigger and bigger every passing day. Many new companies are entering in this area every day. There are tons of companies offering lots of smartphones with different features at […]

  • Why do we need antivirus for our PC? In old days, the answer might have been – “to protect our PC from malware”! But today, the situation is entirely different. We are facing newer and newer type of security issue […]