3 Ways To Quickly Set and Use Proxies

Use Proxies

Want to access websites blocked by your internet service provider? Want to use facebook over your college wifi? Want to get rid of website tracking? Wanna open another Gmail account because your IP limit has run out?

The answer to all this is “Proxy“!

Let’s start by the meaning of the word “Proxy“. According to the web, “the Proxy is a substitute acting in place of other”. Usually, proxies are used to bypass the firewall restrictions. To understand better think of it as your friend, who signs for attendance in case of your absence (if the teacher doesn’t detect).

Let’s take an example, some public wifi hotspots don’t allow you to connect to certain sites (say, adult sites), in that case, you request proxy server to serve the web page for you. Let’s take another example, some ISP firewalls won’t allow their users to connect to torrent sites. So, in this case, you can use a proxy to access torrent sites.

How Proxy Works?

Proxy Working

So, how this actually works? Well! It is really simple. When you use a proxy server, you request it to load the particular page for you, so the firewall actually thinks you are dealing with the proxy server not actual web server. A proxy server acts as a middleman between you and the web server you are trying to access. These servers are mostly used for anonymity. The website you visit doesn’t know who you are because they get dummy IP address which belongs to the proxy server, not you.

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How to Use Proxies?

The most common methods to use proxies are as below:

1. Setting proxy in a web browser:

Step 1: Google the keyword “IP“, it will give your current IP address. Note it down.

Step 2: Google “fresh proxies“, in result you will find tons of sites providing IP’s and port number, it should be like this- IP:PORT_NO. Copy IP and Port no.

Step 3: For Google chrome, go to Options- Settings- Show advanced settings- Network- Change proxy settings, then you will have internet properties window open in that, hit the “Settings” Check for the proxy server and paste IP and Port No.

For internet explorer, just go to internet properties and follow the above step.

Proxy Setup

For Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools- options- Advance- Network- Settings, check the box for “Manual proxy configuration”, enter IP and Port No.

For Microsoft Edge, go to Options- Settings- View advanced settings- Open proxy settings- Manual proxy setup, turn it “ON”, fill the IP and Port No and hit “Save”.

You can also directly do it through “Network & Internet Settings” without even popping into the browser.

Proxy Setup Edge

After trying above steps, again check your IP. It won’t be the same.

2. By Using special software or application:

You can find tons of IP hiding software online. They are easy to use and setup. Most of them are available free of cost, and they keep changing your IP, so after some particular time, you will get new IP. “Ultrasurf” is an example of easy to use software and it’s very effective.

3. Using Websites:

There are lots of websites out there on the internet who provides this kind of services. This is very effective in hiding your IP address. You can directly access another website through them. This can be useful in case of emergencies when you do not want to download another software or make any changes in your browser settings. This method does not need any special requirement, it will work for you right away. The popular example of such website is Hide.me.

That’s it! Using proxy is that easy,and it really helps in keeping a low profile on the internet. Let me know if you have any doubts in the comment section below. Share this article with your friends, also do read some of our interesting articles from right below. Stay tuned for next updates.

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