Starfire Vs Batgirl

Who will win Brains or Branz?

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1. Batgirl: Gadgets

Batgirl has the best gadgets. batgirl has defeated people bigger than her with these gadgets and she has even defeated aliens and monsters. She might just be a mortal but she got gadgets to help aid her in battle. Starfire is going to have a hard time trying to destroy her when she has a healing factor to help her. Batgirl has Batarangs that are sharper then A+ knives.

2. Starfire: better powers

When we are talking about in terms of power, Starfire definitely takes the cake here. Starfire and Batgirl are both good zoners, but Starfire is faster then Batgirl when she uses her star bolts. She can just fly in the air and star bolt because her star bolts are literally hotter then Supermans eye-blasts which are comparable to Darkseid's eye-blasts.

3. Batgirl: Best armour

Batgirls armour is top on. Her armour if fire-resistant and is immune to almost anything when it comes to piercing attacks too Batgirls armour has it all, and on top of that, she has a belt that can hold anything that is of use to her. Like we said earlier. Her Batarangs that are sharper the Japanese knives and her smoke bombs.

4. Intelligence: Batgirl

Batgirl has outsmarted Batman, the smartest DC superheroes, and she even defeated her own mother Batwoman in a hand to hand combat match and she does it with her intelligence. Starfire has shown some impressive intelligence feats, but not as powerful as Batgirls. Starfire would have a hard time trying to keep up with Batgirls smartness.

5. Strength: Starfire

Starfire is much stronger then Batgirl. She has lifted a 792,323-ton ferry boat and she has lifted an elevator with Suzie who weighs more than 2000 pounds and Red Hood who look like he weighs more than 43 pounds. Starfire can use her strength to her advantages and she can go for the win. Batgirl will have a hard time trying to put down Starfire.

6. Hand-to-hand combat: Starfire

Batgirl might have been trained by Batman and she has the best combat speed, But Starfire has battled with Wonder Woman and she has fought with Superman a couple of times. She has defeated Donna Troy a bunch of times during hand to hand combat matches and she has won all of the battles. Starfire has been trained by the Psions all of her life.

7. Speed: Starfire

Starfire can fly and run at FTL speeds in space and on land. she flew faster than light. she can fly at Mach and precious times which means she can fly at the same speeds as superman.

Winner: Starfire

Batgirl might be formidable for against Starfire but Starfire just have feats that back her up way more. Yeah, Batgirl has fought monsters and mutants, but Starfire literally fought a demon and dinosaurs. And Starfires star bolts might have to make the cut to. Being as hot as Supermans eye blasts. Starfire is also much smarter then Batgirl and if Batgirl tries to confuse Starfire with her intelligence it wouldn't be no use because Starfires mind blocks all telepathy and empathy methods. Nobody can mess with her mind unless Batgirl can find unknown energy that can knock Starfire out cold but that is the only way I can see her winning this fight and she might not get the advantage over Starfire till then. Starfire is near invulnerable to all harmful attacks and can block all of Batgirls hits against her will. And if you add her star bolts to the picture, it's a definite win for Starfire. And if Batgirl makes Starfire mad enough, Starfire will go into Berserk state and just well on destroying Batgirl. It took Donna Troy and Superboy to hold Starfire back from her berserk state. Really batgirl might get a few hit in but she will lose against somebody as powerful as Starfire, the winner is Starfire.

  1. Batgirl vs Starfire

    1. Starfirefor the win
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  2. Batgirl

    1. Batgirl for the win
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