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Ola S1 vs. S1 Pro: Which One to Choose and Why

Several new electric scooters have captivated the market in recent times.

Ola S1 vs. S1 Pro: Which One to Choose and Why

Several new electric scooters have captivated the market in recent times. Leading two-wheeler electric vehicle brands have realized the importance and potential of the Indian market. With the country's ambitious strides towards full-electric mobility, EVs are the season's flavor. Nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the electric scooter category. This has naturally got a major fillip from Government incentives and subsidies, availability of more models and features, opportunities to save running and maintenance costs hugely in the long run, and fast-growing charging infrastructure. 

Ola Electric is one of the leading brands in the category and has managed to create a buzz with its S1 and S1 Pro models, both present at the electric scooter showroom. The S1 Air launch has also been well received by the market. Ola Electric has successfully introduced these models as harbingers of change and better ownership experiences in their respective segments. They offer better prices than many other models and come packed with attractive features in turn. However, when it comes to choosing between the Ola S1 and S1 Pro, which suits your needs best? Here are some factors that you should consider in this regard. 

Ola S1 and S1 Pro- Key Differences

Choosing between new electric scooters like the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro is challenging since both are excellently equipped models at their respective price points. The S1 Air is the entry-level offering in Ola Electric’s scooter line-up for the Indian market, while the S1 is the mid-range model positioned just below the flagship S1 Pro model. Here are some comparison parameters that will help you get a better idea. 

Range and Battery 

The S1 offers a 3 kWh battery pack, while the S1 Pro has a 4 kWh battery pack. The latter also provides a higher riding range of approximately 181 kilometers compared to the 141 kilometers offered by the S1. There are several modes available for riders with both models. The Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro have riding modes like Eco, Normal, and Sports. The S1 Pro is, however, equipped with a Hyper mode. The S1 Pro, as observed, gets a bigger lithium-ion battery pack. These are factors that you should keep in mind accordingly. 

Charging Time and Performance Levels

The Ola S1 Pro is the flagship, with its 8.5 kW electric motor. However, the S1 also comes with this powerful 8.5 kW electric motor. This motor has a maximum power output of 11.3 BHP. However, the charging time differs across the S1 Pro and S1. The latter requires 5 hours to be charged, while the former requires 6.5 hours. The top speed of the S1 is 95 kilometers per hour, while the S1 Pro scales this up to 116 kilometers per hour. 

Features and Equipment

The S1 and S1 Pro has similar features, including single-shock absorbers, disc brake units, 7-inch TFT touchscreen displays with MoveOS 3.0, connected vehicle features, and more. Both scooters are excellently equipped in this case. However, the Ola S1 Pro comes with cruise control. 


The prices of the S1 Pro start from Rs. 1,29,999, while they start from Rs. 89,999 for the S1. The entry-level S1 Air, in comparison, is priced from Rs. 84,999 onwards. 

These are the core points that you should use to distinguish between the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro. Both electric scooters offer excellent value for money on almost all counts, including range, charging time, power, performance, pricing, and features. However, you should carefully compare their specifications and choose the suitable model. 

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