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Digital Success: Strategies for YouTube, Video, Email, and TikTok Marketing

If you have an online business or need to market products, video marketing skills are a must.

Digital Success: Strategies for YouTube, Video, Email, and TikTok Marketing

Video is the most popular online content medium with 79% of consumers saying they prefer to discover products through video rather than through articles or text-based ads. With 93% of businesses claiming, they've gained new customers, thanks to social media videos. If you have an online business or need to market products, video marketing skills are a must.

One good video can change everything. The video has viral potential but you need to spend some time to strategize appealing content. You can show people more in a video than you ever could in a blog or still image. With a bonus, they'll feel more connected to you when you use this format. Just one original shot and thought-out video can reach thousands of potential customers and has the power to turn around a flagging business.

You don't need expensive equipment. Nowadays, the pixel quality and mobile devices are so good. You don't need to own a pro rig to shoot compelling video. With powerful film editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. You can create a cache of professional-looking videos using your smartphone.

Create Your Marketing Strategy Around Your Video Content

When you're strategizing your marketing approach, try to create your blogs, images, or other posts around your video output. If you place, the focus on video content above everything else, you'll be maximizing your opportunity to gain customers and future-proofing your marketing approach. Video is a great way to get more views likes followers and subscribers, especially on social. It's easier for people to watch a video than read an article and you can pack more information into a video than you can into a still single graphic.

Tailor Your Format to Suit

With video content, one size doesn't fit all. So you need to tailor your approach. If you're creating content for Facebook or Instagram, shorter clips will serve you well. While the content for YouTube should be longer and more informative. No matter what platform you create your videos for you must always add value. You can do this by showing people, something new, telling your brand story, or teaching viewers, how to do something using step-by-step guides or tutorials.

YouTube Marketing

Start out strong. Your title is an important part of YouTube optimization and can be the deciding factor when people are deciding to click through or scroll past. For optimal results go for one that's between 40 to 50 characters. As research has shown titles using under 50 characters, rank higher in searches. Use motive headers that have personality and incorporate numbers to shake things up and make your headline stand out.

A study conducted by HubSpot found that brackets and parentheses can increase YouTube clicks by 33%. So, experiment with these in your title too. Prepare your thumbnail image. You can't just pick any thumbnail image if you want to attract visitors to your video. YouTube uses mostly red, black, and white colors. So to stand out you need to select a bogey thumbnail that's comprised of blue, orange, green, and yellow.

Optimize Your Intro

The ideal YouTube intro should be brief and include your target keywords, high up in the description. YouTube crawls the first two to three senses and places more importance on the words and phrases that appear there when it returns search results. Don't be tempted to stuff your intro with keywords as it also needs to be appealing to read. People preview intros before deciding, whether to press play. Your intro will also be displayed in a YouTube search as a snippet.

Create a Wow Outline

Your YouTube outline is a chance to sell your video and encourage people to watch. Let people know exactly what they'll be getting and don't be afraid to go into a bit of detail. The ideal outline should be 150 words, plus and should include all the keywords you want to hit.

Link It and Ask For Likes

Your description is a great place to include links that push people to your website blog or other social media, don't just drop them in. Create a short call to action, reminding people why they should bother to click. You can use your YouTube description to remind people to subscribe to your channel or give you a like.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are still an invaluable way of optimizing your bottom line. As they let you directly promote to an already interested subscriber base. Getting conversions can be tricky, but if you can apply the right approach, email campaigns can be an excellent way of achieving more sales.

Don't Spam, Add Value

Never spam subscribers. Remember they've placed their trust in you by signing up so you must treat them accordingly. If you want to keep them on your list, Make your email campaign something people look forward to opening by giving away handy tips, and insider secrets or running exclusive subscriber discounts, giveaways, or promotions.

Ask Subscribers to Engage

You can encourage subscriber interaction by asking for their feedback, posting questions, or encouraging people to give their input on new products. Asking for input or feedback is a solid method of retaining subscribers. As it makes people feel like they're having more of a two-way relationship with you rather than just receiving your mail-outs.

Strategize Well

Don't send beige or boring campaigns just for the sake of meeting your monthly deadline. Give your mailouts some thought by planning out a strategy in advance, and consider all aspects of your marketing research. So you can create emails that will have maximum appeal to your subscribers. Keep things fresh and don't just repeat your other promotional material, as your email campaigns need to act as a compliment to your other marketing efforts not compete with them.

Use the Best Tools

If you're going to send out subscriber campaigns, you need to ensure you're using a reliable platform. Tools like Mailchimp can help you create campaigns from pre-made templates and offer a huge range of customization possibilities. Whatever platform you use. Make sure you can expand your list and add in new subscribers as it grows.

Keep Building Your List

As well as retaining the subscribers you have, you should be continuously trying to grow your list as more subscribers mean more chances to convert. Create low-cost lead, magnets. Your target customer will love ebooks or many courses or offer free webinars tasters or previews if they sign up. Create a strong call to action on your website. So that when people visit, they are prompted to sign up for your newsletter. You can experiment with placement or try a sticky scroller that follows your browsers.

As they scroll down your page, make sure you make the benefits of signing up for your newsletter. Clear and persuasive. Not pushy. Remember to let people know that you won't spam them and will only send them content they're interested in and want to read.

Save Time with Automation

By setting a pre-loaded content that will be sent out automatically depending on the actions, your subscribers take, you'll save a lot of hassle in time. Set up triggers for emails that will be sent out when people sign up, download your lead magnet or a complete a consultation form and segment, your subscriber list depending on audience traits. So you can send each list, more appropriate content.

Analyze and Tweak

Use the tools provided with your mailing list software to monitor your stats, so you can assess open rates, click-throughs, conversions, and unsubscribes. Don't forget to ask, for subscriber feedback as well. So you can make your campaigns hold more appeal. As this will help you continually improve your campaign performance.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok is growing rapidly and it's a superb way to reel in more customers particularly if you make short punchy videos that can get good traction, If you want to use TikTok to market your products, there are some key things you should bear in mind to create content that will do well on the platform.

Reach Out to Influencers

Reach out to a TikTok influencer in your niche and you'll be able to tap into an already interested audience. You'll also overcome one of the major hurdles of the customer journey winning customer trust. As influencers, opinions hold a lot of sway. Spend some time developing a relationship before you make contact with your influencer, by commenting on their TikTok content. Don't forget to check their following, to make sure it's real and ensure that their audience is engaged and active.

Gaining an influencer's trust will take a little time and effort. But if you can get someone popular to endorse your products on TikTok, it can result in a huge explosion of interest. Keep it short, snappy, and fun. Content on TikTok performs best when it's shorter upbeat and original. If you can create unique content that makes people laugh, gas,p or intrigue, you'll do well on this platform.

The ideal technique video should be 60 seconds or less and should use high-quality compression, good lighting, and clear audio. TikTok videos are ideal for letting viewers peek at the story and people behind your brand or for running, contests or challenges to promote your products.

TikTok Ads

As well as organic posts, you can pay to run ads on TikTok but if you're going to spend your budget, make sure you do it wisely. To create ads that connect and convert. First, do some research on the type of ads, your ideal Tik Tok customer watches. So you can shoot a video that will appeal to them. With TikTok ads. It's vital to grab your audience from the start or they'll switch off. Put your most compelling footage early on. Ideally in the first few seconds, your core message can follow. But remember to keep things entertaining, even when you're blatantly promoting.

Make sure you monitor your ads performance too and run different ads, so you can compare them against each other to see what works better.

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