What Is Dark Web?

Dark Web

Heard the name “Dark Web” or “Dark Net” somewhere? Curious what this word means? Wanted to become a cyber security expert? Wanna know the basics of the ethical hacking word? Well! you are at right place folks, here I am going to explain in detail, what the term Dark Web really means.

The Dark Net is a hidden web. A surprisingly small number of people know about this term in our society. So, what really is a Dark Web? Before getting to the point, let’s look in our surrounding life for patterns…

If you are a tech enthusiast, or you keep your eye on tech news, you might hear lots of stories about hacking. It may include stolen E-Mails, Credit card information, Phone numbers, company secrets, hacked Passwords and databases. So where it all goes?

For example, suppose a group of hackers hacked into a bank database and stolen credit card information of hundreds of thousands of users. You might think their job is done? Nope! They obviously not going to cash out all the credit card money into their bank accounts. If they do so they will easily get caught. What is the point of going through all that trouble if you can’t make money out of it? So how they are going to make money out of stolen credit card information?

Another example supposes a group of hackers hacked into company’s database and stolen millions of E-Mail addresses. On the other end some guy starting his own new business website. So he wants to get the word out about his new company. Wouldn’t it be easy if he could just get his hands on millions of e-mail addresses? So he could send them promotional emails right away (this is why spam folder invention occurred).

Suppose a journalist, he is popular, have authority; got his hands on some sensitive documents. These documents include the information about illegal activities of government or some of its corrupt officials. He felt that this documents must be made public, to get the truth out. How should it be done? This documents could get him into trouble, he could also be charged with treason. So how could he do it without getting caught?

The answer to all this is : The Dark Web

What Is Dark Web?

The dark web is a hidden form of internet and people who wants to be hidden and keep a low profile. It is similar to regular internet which we use, in many ways, but also in many ways it is not. To access the dark net tor browser is used, it is not accessible through a regular browser. You can find many search engines for this .onion sites. While accessing this websites speed is a major issue, considering Tor is quite slow. So you will find the majority of sites in basic HTML. All the fancy animations and graphics are omitted, just the stuff you needed. There are e-mails, chat and web hosting services in Tor (no games yet).

There is one thing common everywhere in dark net, that is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that everyone believes to be untraceable (It is NOT). Since it became popular, all the Tor websites moved to Bitcoin as their primary payment service. It is not untraceable but it is definitely more secure than using a credit card or PayPal. Some government agencies like NSA can track all the Bitcoin transaction made by a person (So think before you do).

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There is also another odd thing you will observe in dark net. It is their weird URL’s. There URL is not as simple as like- www.blogmaza.com , instead, it is like www.3gs4sg56dg97dfs.onion (Not actual URL). So if you found some interesting site, you might wanna bookmark it for future use. The websites on this network also have noticeable downtime. Many of sites change their URL’s frequently. Most of this sites can be found on search engines or on hidden wiki.

Don’t Surf Dark Web

What we have discussed above is only the scratch on the surface. Let me warn you, the most of the portion of this dark net is used for illegal stuff. It includes the trade of credit card information, hacked e-mails, bank logins, drugs. You can even hire a hitman or a hacker. You can do all these things by paying through Bitcoins. Let me warn you again, all of this is illegal stuff, if you found for any relation in this stuff you will go to jail for a lifetime or even worse (Don’t try this at Home, Kids).

What we have discussed earlier is bad stuff, but it shouldn’t scare the good peoples in society (Maybe You). If there is light there is dark too. It depends totally on you, how to use it. I mean it is not bad to look around and get to know things.

Hopefully, I helped you in clearing your doubts. I certainly have left some things, those are better not to be explained. I hope you do not try this at home, it’s totally up to you. Also, read some of our interesting articles from right below. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. You can also comment the topics on which you would like me to post about. Stay tuned for future updates.

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