What Is Deep Web?

Deep Web

Many times it might happen with you that, you heard a word “Deep Web”. You might read it somewhere on the internet, and you have absolutely no idea what that is. You might want to know, what the term “Deep Web ” really means. Well! You are in right place, my friend. Here I am going to explain in deep what really the deep web is.

What Is Deep Web?

The Deep Web also is known as the hidden web. A surprisingly small number of people know about this form of internet. Many of people mix it up the term Dark Net (On which I am going to write an entirely separate article). So, what really is a Deep Web? Before heading towards that, we should take a look at how we use the Internet.

Suppose I want to visit London, it is always better if I know about that place before visiting. It will help me to plan my trip. So I will go to any search engine (google, yahoo, bing or whatever) and type my search query. The search engine will show me tons of websites and URL’s which will give me information about London. let’s take another example.

Suppose I want to find some info on Bill Gates, what will I do? I will google Bill Gates and get tons of news, videos, images about bill gates.

So how this works? It works through search engine indexing. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK and others indexes billions of sites and web pages and find the info related to your keyword and shows you the most relevant info available. In order to index a particular site for a search engine, the webmaster of that site gives permission to search engine robots to crawl the web pages.But not all of the web pages is crawled by search engine robots. That is what the Deep Web is.

The Deep Web is a hidden form of internet, which is not indexed by search engines. So, by considering it is not indexed by search engines, you must have to know the actual URL of the web page you wish to surf, or you need a valid authentication to surf this hidden form of the net.

How big is Deep Web?

In order to understand how big the deep web is, consider an iceberg floating in an ocean. The tip of the iceberg is the form of the internet which we can surf like google, facebook, Wikipedia and other stuff. The rest of the part of the iceberg below the water is how big the Deep Web is. It is thousands of times bigger than the form of the internet we have known.

How Big Is Deep Web


What is in the Deep Web?

Deep Web


You might wonder that regular internet (what we surf daily) is quite a big, but Deep Web is a lot bigger than this regular form of internet, so what really it hides inside it. You might also think that you are not the part of Deep Web. You are wrong my friend and I am going to explain how.

Consider you have an account on an e-commerce site. So only you have the authority to access the info from your account. Another example is facebook. You might have hide and tagged some of your secret photos on facebook, that is a part of Deep Web. The chat with your girlfriend on facebook or any other site is also part of Deep Web. Wonder how? because it is not indexed by search engines and only you have the access those chats.

Another example is government sites. The government obviously don’t tell us all their secrets. The government has their military programs, defense secrets which are present on the net but hidden, which is all part of the Deep Web.

Other examples like industrial secrets and bank database. The example of industrial secret might be the secret projects they are working on. The bank and other secure databases are also the part of Deep Web.

All of this data, in turn, is the part of Deep Web which makes it a whole lot bigger than regular form of internet. So, this is the whole Deep Web, and what it hides inside it. No wonder it is amusing, and somehow many of us is a part of it without even knowing.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the concept. Also, read some the most interesting articles below. Stay tuned for future updates.

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