What is a VPN? Why Should You Use It?


Worried about your security while using public wifi? Can’t access certain websites in your region? Want to get rid of web tracking? Want to keep your anonymity while surfing?
The answer to all this is “VPN” or Virtual Private Network.

What is VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, helps you to create a secure connection with others over the internet. When your device (computer, smartphone, tablets or any other) connects to a VPN, all of your traffic gets diverted through VPN server over a secure connection. Basically, a VPN creates a virtual encrypted network through which your device connects to the internet. When you requests a website for certain service, it first goes to VPN server, then it forwards your request to actual web server. When web server responds, VPN servers again forwards it to you through a secure connection. So, the website you visit doesn’t know who you are because it gets the dummy IP address which belongs to VPN server and has no connection with you. For example, if you are using UK based VPN for accessing Spotify, Spotify servers will think that your connection is from the UK, while you could be anywhere in the globe.

Why You Should Use VPN?

You can use it for following reasons:

Accessing Bussiness Network: Many people use VPN’s to access their business network while traveling. So, the business network doesn’t expose open on the internet, thus increasing security.

Accessing Home Network: You can set your own private network over the internet. So, in case you are away, you still can remotely access your desktop over the internet. It is also used for file sharing and games if you are connected to same LAN.

Hiding Browsing History From ISP and Security: If you are using public WiFi, your browsing history and the data from non-HTTPS websites is visible to all other peoples in the network (If they know how to intercept your traffic). So, by using VPN, all of your traffic will go through the secure encrypted connection. This will prevent the connection monitoring by other peoples and your internet service provider, thus adding an extra layer of security. But keep in mind that your VPN service provider may keep a log of your history.

Accessing Blocked Websites: Ever got trouble connecting facebook over college WiFi? Or you want to watch Netflix while traveling to another region? VPN can be used to unblock the region restricted websites by connecting to VPN server. But in order for it to work, the VPN server must be located in a region where the web service you required is available.

Bypassing ISP restriction while Downloading: If your internet service provider is throttling speed for BitTorrent, VPN can help you. Many people use VPN with BitTorrent to download files. This can help you in getting faster speed. This same thing can be applied to other types of traffic too, in case your ISP has made them slow on purpose.

How To Use VPN?

The process to connect to a VPN is quite easy. On the desktop, press the windows key, type “VPN”, and click on change virtual private networks (VPN) option (In windows 8, you have to click on settings category). Then click on Add a VPN connection, and fill out the form with the respective credentials of the VPN service you are going to use.


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If you are new to VPN and just want to use VPN while accessing public WiFi hotspots or to unblock websites, there are tons of software available on the internet. Our recommendation though is Betternet, it is free, super easy to use and gives you unlimited data to use. Another great option is SurfEasy, it has better speed but free option only allows data uses up to 500MB per month.
There are also many VPN apps available on app stores, which you can use on your smartphone to connect to a VPN. Again our recommendation is Betternet, which provides same features as it provides on desktop. There is also another good option of Hideman.

I hope you understood the concept on VPN. Let me know which VPN service provider you like the most in the comment section below. Stay tuned for future updates.

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