What Kind of Men Succeed With Women?

Men Who Have These Qualities Will Definitely Succeed With Women

  1. Men who understand female psychology

    Women SAY they like versus what they FEEL they want are two very different things because the area of the brain that controls speech is also where logic/rationality is processed. For example, their “logical/rational self” may verbalize “GO AWAY!” while their “emotional self” is actually crying for a hug. You must observe female behavior to understand this.

  2. Those men who know the art of gab

    Women are verbally suggestive the same way men are visually evocative. Words to a female are as alluring as sex is alluring to men. Those who have their way with words will have a way with women.

  3. Confident men

    Confidence comes from properly controlling and/or taming your unhealthy desires. Self-control is a tool to get what you want long-term by sacrificing short-term desires.

  4. Men who want women but don’t need them

    Women who say they want to be number 1 in your life are testing how dependent you are on them. Independence is sexy to women, and being needy is a huge turn-off. Men who have no passions, no life-calling, and purpose have no women.

  5. Generous men

    Not just generous in spending money but generous with your time and energy. If you are great with women, you will be helpful to their offspring, which ensures their survival.

  6. Men who lead

    Women want men to take charge and make decisions for them. They will never verbalize this. Instead, they will be unhappy and nag the shit out of you in what appears to be mundane or insignificant ways.

  7. Muscular men

    Women love muscles. Can’t get enough of it. Don’t let the “I don’t like shirtless guys pics” bullshit fool you; that’s just their verbal self trying hard to be rational while their emotional self is crying for a hot guy. Women who show contempt for muscular guys usually have been burned by players in the past.

  8. Wealthy men

    Women are psychologically hardwired to help themselves and their offspring survive, and having lots of money is one way to do that.

  9. Men who are Stable in their Life

    Stability is a woman’s best friend. Chaos is her worst enemy. You need a stable environment to be able to have and raise children. This point may conflict with number 4 above and usually leads to arguments between the sexes. (Women protest to establish stability while men oppose establishing their freedoms).

  10. Men who are good in bed

    Men who not only know how to make a woman orgasm but understand and exploit female psychology to the fullest. See number 2 – before you make love physically, you must make love verbally and foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!

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