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What Type Of Men Are You? (Alpha Or Sigma)

Are you an alpha male, a beta male, or a sigma male?

What Type Of Men Are You? (Alpha Or Sigma)

Are you an alpha male, a beta male, or a sigma male? Before we go into it, I want you to know that if you claim to be an alpha male or a sigma male, you are likely neither. There are some monsters in the world, and you don't want to wake them up. There are natural alpha and sigma males out there that could destroy you and turn you into dust. These men do not argue to claim their position with words. They claim their place by sheer competence. That is the only way to indeed climb the dominance hierarchy.

Here is the reality. Alpha males and beta meals were once two times used to classify men. Beta males are willing to follow orders and fall in line. While the alternative is the alpha male, who stands at the head of the pack with their leadership abilities, high confidence, and no-nonsense attitude toward life. In the past, many beta males claimed to be alpha males, but they constantly got exposed for being fake alpha males. Because they were unable to deal with the reality.

They tried another tactic shaming the term Alpha Male. The term alpha male has been tormented on the internet by beta males. Beta males have mocked it and painted a picture as if they are barbaric fools with a big mouth. It has been a pathetic yet, brilliant strategy by the beta males, and most people believe it to be true. 

However, as we learn more about people, we have learned that there are combinations of alpha and beta males. The new personality form that seems to be emerging is the sigma male, who is neither alpha nor beta and follows his own path. Sigma males have always existed. However, it just became a hot topic recently, and psychology and betas have started to notice it. Because beta males can't claim to be alpha males. They have decided to claim to be a sigma male. 

On top of that, they claim the sigma male to stand at the top of the hierarchy. It is another pathetic attempt by the beta males to climb the dominant order and fuel superior to alpha males. Listen, a real sigma male is neither superior nor inferior to an alpha male. You could look at it like a sigma tiger, an alpha lion, a lone wolf, and an alpha wolf leader of a pack because the alpha is leading a crew. He will always have a massive advantage over the sigma, but in a one-on-one situation, the alpha and sigma could match each other as equals. I will repeat it, beta males have attempted to tarnish the name alpha male, but they still stand at the top of the food chain. Alpha males are not loudmouth bullies but competent and dominant men.

That demand the respect they deserve. Here is the truth. Sigma males are unique, but in some ways, they are very much like alpha males, like the introverted version of an alpha male. They compete if they have to, fight for their beliefs, and always choose actions over words. The problem is that the term Sigma males can be masked and create smoking mirrors in front of your laziness.

Not having friends and being socially awkward does not make you a sigma man. It is straightforward to claim a sigma male while fapping all day and playing video games in your bedroom. It is almost as if you are crowning yourself for your weaknesses. Crowning yourself for being a loser. If you are an introvert that is fine, but it is not an excuse to be a loser; question everything you are being told. People say the sigma male is one of the particular error and rare types of males.

Ask yourself, why do they say it? Why are so many men claiming it if it is so rare? Ask yourself why alpha males are being portrayed as foolish bullies? Beta Males are trying to mess up the fundamental dynamics to fit their own narrative. Many men will never reach the top of the hierarchy, which is fine. We need beta males in the world, and the majority of men will always be beta males. Some of the best inventors in the world have also been beta males. If you are not okay with being a beta male speaking about it won't change anything. Stop claiming to be alpha or sigma with words and become strong in all areas of your life. You must aim to improve yourself and become competent.

This is where self-improvement comes in; leave discussing what kind of male everyone is to the weaker men. Start to put in some hard work, read, train, make money, and level up in the real world. Men from all over the world are improving their lives and helping each other. Iron sharpens iron. Self-improvement is more than doing no fap and going to the gym. That is the fundamental level of self-improvement. When you reach a higher understanding, you will notice that you can self-improve everything in your life. Think about improving your body language, charisma, and your leadership skills. Everything can be improved.

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