Young Justice vs Teen Titans

Both of the most powerful teams so lets figure out who will win.


Now for the concept for the match

Cyborg vs Static Shock

Kid Flash vs Beast Boy

Zatanna vs Raven

Starfire vs Miss Martian

Nightwing vs Superboy

Who wins?

Cyborg and Static shock are both one of the strongest members of both of their teams but one major difference between the 2 is Cyborgs strength and Static Shocks powers. Static definitely have the power to keep Cyborg fighting but Cyborg can also hold up a good fight thanks to his hand to hand combat, strength, and his increased durability. Static Shock does have some good powers, and static has some god feats going for him. He dodged and he blocked lasers and bullets. And his stealth can help with him too but Cyborg has stopped a big truck from crashing, and he has lifted a battle mech and that weighs more than 20 – 100 tons. Static Shock has good flashing feats, but they have never been superior to cyborg so Cyborg wins that point.

Beast Boy vs Kid Flash

Now Kid Flash and Beast Boy are both very complicated characters. With Kid Flash’s speed, he would put Beast Boy in a bind but Beast boy will definitely put him in a bind thanks to him being able to turn into basically any animal that he can with his added strength. And no matter how fast beast Boys tigers and jaguars are, Flash is one of the fastest speedsters of all time. And Beast Boy would get a few hits in, but the Flash will overpower him and compared to Beast Boy, Flash would look like a blur and he would be the most useless in this fight. Raven or Starfire would have to help him is that they are the most powerful superheroes on the team and in the DC Universe. But if they don’t step in, I don’t see Beast boy winning.

Raven vs Zatanna

Zatanna and Raven both are stupidly powerful. Zatanna has more powerful spells then Raven but the problem is that she needs to talk to do her powers and Raven can easily silence her and go for the win. Zatanna, in the end, doesn’t really have anything going for her in this fight against Raven.

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