Community Rules

Guidelines and Review Process
We work hard towards providing the best quality to our readers. Here, we only follow one rule: "Write for Humans”.

To keep our standards, every article gets reviewed before publishing. Usually, every article gets reviewed in 12-48 hours.

If your article isn’t published or approved, it may contain poor-quality content.

Here are some minimum requirements for publishing content with BlogMaza:
• We don’t accept content that may look like spam, promotional, or advertising.
• We do allow external links to some extent, but we will disallow links that may feel unnecessary.
• If you are guest posting, we will allow a link back to your content to some extent if it meets our standards.
• Each content you write must cover the topic in detail. Uncovered topics and half-written content will be rejected.
• Your article must be unique and of a minimum of 500 words. Any type of copywriting is not allowed.
• Your grammar must be correct, and the language and choice of words must be easy to understand.
• Infographics, images, and videos are always welcome; but if you do not create them, you must give credit to their author.
• Only content that resembles our main topics are allowed. Any other type is content will be rejected.
• You must reply to comments on your articles whenever necessary.

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