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5 Yoga Asanas For Easy Digestion

Today we are dealing with digestion.

5 Yoga Asanas For Easy Digestion

In yoga, it's a holistic approach. Since when you take care of body, mind, emotions. But when you are dealing with the body, all your internal organs also strengthen, they function much better because you are doing yoga. Today we are dealing with digestion. How to improve digestion through yoga? Here you should see that your abdominal muscles are exercised, they are strengthened and so we will show you certain asanas to help you improve your digestion.

1. Trikonasana

Whenever we bend forward, we are definitely helping our digestion, so breathe in raise your arms up breathe out, bend forward, and look up, so that your thyroid and your hormones are also secreted well. And then come back to the previous position. It looks very simple but it is very effective for the whole general body and for digestion definitely because of hormones.

2. Utkatasana

Here you are keeping your legs a little away, raising your both arms up, inhaling, and while exhaling, squat down try and put your body on your heel, and stay there for some time. This position itself is a beautiful position for your stomach. Now get up. Breathe in and come back into your normal position. This quarter down helps even strengthen the knee for many reasons but for digestion definitely.

3. PavanMuktasan

Asana lie down and lie on your back and keep the legs straight. For little intra-abdominal compression, lift your leg up and fold it at the knee level. Bring together and clasp your both knees tightly so it gives you pressure in your stomach. It really helps increase the massaging of the internal organs. And make your legs straight again. Now this pawan muktasan in the beginning could be done with one leg and then with both legs. If a person has any spinal disorders problems then do with one leg, not with both legs.

4. Pranayama

Fold your legs, keeping one arm on your stomach, and then learn to breathe like inhale your stomach moves up and exhales and your stomach goes down. Bring it down as much as possible. Inhale, bring it up, and exhale, put it down. Now the same thing you could do in a sitting variation so sit and focus again on your abdomen. When you are lying down you can move more and when you are sitting, you can move less but you can still move. So keep your hand on your stomach and inhale, bring your stomach up, exhale, bring it in. Inhale up, exhale, bring it in and down.

5. Bhastrika

Both hands are on your knees. Sit properly in a proper meditative pose and then do the same little fast. The name is called Bhastrika where you breathe out and push your stomach in. Put your stomach in, breathe in, and do it gently. Breathing out, pushing in. Do 10 rounds of this.

That's it and that will take care of your digestion, your gas trouble, and acidity. Later on, if you don't take care of ulcers all these things could be handled very correctly digestion is good, energy level is good, mind is positive, and you definitely help yourself better.

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