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How To Sound Smart

Listening is critical to appear more intelligent than you are.

How To Sound Smart


Listening is critical to appear more intelligent than you are. When you listen, you hear what the speaker is saying more clearly. You can anticipate their subsequent words and charm them by completing their thoughts. You don't have to comment on everything they say. Reflect on their opinions to them and ask them questions. It'll make you seem very smart.

Stand Tall Without Looking Snobbish

We communicate more with our body language than with our actual words. If you stand too rigidly, you could come across as nervous or uncomfortable. You may even come off as arrogant or snobbish. Take time to study your posture and aim for the right balance.

Cut Back On The Crutch Words

Imagine talking to someone who always goes um..., huh...ahh... like in between all their words and sentences. These words are like ticks that we do without even noticing. They're our crutch words. Phrases and comments we fall back on when we're unsure of ourselves. We use them to support our sentences, but our message ends up being littered in between, and we lose our listener's confidence in us. Another habit that makes us come off as unintelligent is up-talking, which is when you end your sentences with a higher tone; it makes the statement sound like a question, and it's not advisable if you want to display intelligence at all times.

Take Your Time

Most of us are anxious about making a good impression when we speak. It results in falling back on our crutch words, which only worsens the image we can give. Get comfortable pausing in the middle of a conversation to gather your thoughts. It'll help you. If you understand that silence can make you look smarter. By waiting, you let your words sink in and ensure your audience is listening. Once you get a person to listen, it becomes easier to calm your nerves and speak more clearly.

Read More

Reading is simultaneously the easiest and most challenging way always to sound smart. Because in the digital world, video games and social media have almost replaced books as the primary form of entertainment. An article a week will help to keep your dullness weak. Subscribe to email newsletters or read long-form articles. Once a month, pick up a novel, and you'll be much better off.

Take Control

Confidence is a premium asset everyone should have. If you're confident, it would be easy to move the topic to one you're comfortable with. You don't have to fake the conversation with your new friend or urge them on with empty, polite smiles. Any conversation goes on, but you have to change gears and then contribute a little bit more subtly.

Don't Use Academic Jargon

Even English professors these days settle for simple words rather than academic jargon. So why should you use them? Spewing words from the dictionary is not going to make you sound smarter. Remember when you wrote those college essays and used words that not even you could pronounce correctly? How many marks did they give you for that? Instead of generous, use kind. Instead of incomprehensible, use challenging to understand explicit and direct words and hold attention better.

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