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The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Job Market Dynamics

Artificial Intelligence is booming all over the world.

The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Job Market Dynamics

Artificial Intelligence is booming all over the world. It is gaining a positive impact on the minds of most people. Most companies are introducing it in their system to improve their quality and work efficiency.

It has become the new demand of our technology. Slowly it will be used in every sector. It has made our work easy. It will even increase our income.

With this technology, machine robots will help human beings to do their task at high speed. People will be benefited due to its features. Uneducated people can do their work with the help of robots.

After some years, it will curb many jobs even the bread and butter of many people. People will do suicide for job scarcity. It will then give rise to poverty. Thereafter, it will damage our country's productivity.

Our economy will decrease due to less wages. If robots will do our job, then what human beings will do? Robots don't need to feed their families but human beings need income to run their lifecycle.

In the future, if this possibility increases then one day, we will have to live on other planets. Even robots will rule us if we develop them like us. You might be wondering how it will happen?

Now, let's feed some instructions to some robots. They will behave as per our instructions and if anything wrong happens in their instructions, they can harm us. If we will exactly make like them, then one day, they will control their instructions their way.

This will then become a big issue for our existence if it is not dealt with with proper remedies. We are having brains and most of us can't behave like good human beings. We even don't bother to live in peace and harmony.

We are fighting for money and selfish needs. Most do corruption and criminal activities, murder to gain self-respect. So, if we are not properly using our brains, then why robots will behave in a good way and follow our instructions for a lifetime.

That is why we should make robots, but not exactly as human beings. We need to improve our technology to make human life easier, more comfortable, and with happiness. Research suggests that technology should be improved but not to become a god. Otherwise, all people will suffer due to one invention.

So it is said that Great things happen by knowing oneself. This is the only way to live safely and with ease. Probably, it will then safeguard our world peace.

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