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As You Sow So Shall You Reap

It is pretty often that whatever we do, again we also face the same due to the law of the universe.

As You Sow So Shall You Reap

It is pretty often that whatever we do, again we also face the same due to the law of the universe. This law is compelling due to our energy and subconscious mind. When we manifest something, we get it in our hands. Similarly, we receive all the bad happenings in our life just because of our bad deeds done to any person.

Many people believe but some take it lightly. This is where we failed to recognize the Law of the Universe and its existence in our day-to-day life. It has been present in our galaxy right from the ancient period. Sir Issac Newton said that every action has equal and opposite reactions. This opposite reaction after becoming energy helps genuine people to take revenge due to the powerful law of the universe.

You might be wondering if it must be a joke, but let me tell you, it is a fact. Even our Almighty said in Bhagvadgeeta that he takes AVATAR to kill bad energy to save good people and humanity and safeguard World Peace. Humans have done plenty of wrong things to disturb our nature. One even does wrong something in today's world with another person, just to achieve fame and money.

I met one guy RAM who was doing the course for MBA Degree.RAM was simple and decent. Most students became jealous due to his kind nature, even because of his behavior and risk-taking abilities.

One day all students supported one guy for becoming CR.RAM was not happy seeing all the student's lousy nature towards him. Many times, he was pressured by other students and even many teachers to give his resignation. His good colleagues even not supported RAM in bad times. To get good grades, they joined hands with other teachers and college staff.

This hurt RAM's mind badly. There was hardly any person who was with him. One such day, the powerful Law of the Universe helped RAM for his sincerity, hard work, and for doing continuous Visualization techniques in winning the big competition. It was then that many people started giving him self-respect. Most students showed caring concern. This was a big lesson for RAM on today's lifestyle of all people.

Only Success matters to prove good things. People live to make one's life luxurious and not bother others. This is found in many cases and everywhere some or other people suffer and commits suicide. This is where India has a good rank with people committing suicide.

If this is the condition in the present situation of Kaliyuga, then this will destroy our existence on Earth. Life is given to many people by our Almighty, so we need to live for others too. Otherwise, As YOU SOW, SO SHALL EAP will come into existence and no one will be there to save these types of people by the Law OF the Universe.

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