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Become a Blogger and Earn Money Online

Writing compelling content is never easy, but getting readers for your content is more complicated.

Become a Blogger and Earn Money Online

Become A Blogger and Earn Money Online!

Writing compelling content is never easy, but getting readers for your content is more complicated.

No matter how good of a writer you are, it doesn’t matter if you have no one to read it. There may be many ways to express your thoughts but getting the right people to read them is often challenging.

At BlogMaza, we are bound to give the best of your writers/bloggers a chance. We are one of the largest blogging communities with quality articles and passionate bloggers.

We love what we do and do it with more compassion than any other community.

We give passionate bloggers like you a chance to publish their content on one of the best platforms available.

About BlogMaza

BlogMaza was founded in 2015 to provide people with the latest tech updates, tutorials, tips & tricks and to provide a platform for content creators to make money online.

We created BlogMaza out of our passion and will to share our knowledge with the world. At BlogMaza, we are very cautious about quality.

Every article published on BlogMaza is carefully and manually reviewed to keep our high standards. We ensure every piece of content posted here is unique, carries value for its readers, and doesn’t contain false information.

We cover most tech tutorials, news, tips, and guides on SEO and making money online. Each article provides unique value and draws a ton of traffic and a reader base.

So, if you wish to share your thoughts or knowledge with the world, BlogMaza is the best platform you can have.

Guidelines and Review Process

As I have told you earlier, we work hard to provide the best quality to our readers. Here, we only follow the “Write for Humans.”

To keep our standards, every article gets reviewed before publishing. Usually, every piece receives reviewed in 12 hours, but it may take longer in some cases.

If your article is not published or approved, it may contain poor-quality content.

Here are some minimum requirements for publishing content with BlogMaza:

  • We don’t accept any content that may look spam, promotional, or advertisement.
  • We do allow external links to some extent, but we will disallow connections that may feel unnecessary.
  • If you are guest posting, we will allow a link back to your content to some extent if it meets our standards.
  • Each content you write must cover the topic in detail; uncovered cases and half-written content will be rejected.
  • Your article must be unique and of a minimum of 2000 words; any plagiarized content, duplicate, or copy-pasted content is not allowed.
  • Your grammar must be correct, and the language and choice of words must be easy to understand.
  • Infographics, images, and videos are always welcome, but you must give credit to their author if you do not create them.
  • Only content that resembles our main topics is allowed; any other content type will be rejected.
  • You must reply to comments on your articles whenever necessary. You can share your posts on Social Media to promote them. But you are forbidden to run PPC campaigns or any other advertisement format to Promote your Posts.

How Much Will You Earn?

Your content will be monetized with AdSense.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into one of the largest pools of bloggers!


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