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Equation of Life

1. Bounded integration of moment or incident or situation from born to death is equal to life. Here Moment, Incident and Situation all are equivalent.

2. Equation for happy life: Education+Money+Job+Success+Love+Sex+Laughing=Happy Life

3. Equation for Ego: Ego=False Self(projection)=Complement of Real Self.

4. Equation for Peaceful Life: Meditation+Yoga+Discipline+Gratitude towards life+Positivity+Humble+Grounded-Ego=Peaceful Life (based on modern time and modern age)

5. Equation for successful life:

(Hardwork+Effort+Consistency+Discipline+Persistence)*Time=Successful Life

6. Equation for Relationship:

Communication+Belief+Trust+Time Spending+Good Behavior=Good Relationship

7. Equation for Expertise:

(Sound and deep knowledge+Information+ Experience+Mastery)*(Any specific field or subject)=Expert

8. Equation for Student life or Academic life:

(Study+Education+Coaching+Training+Institution+Exam)*Student=Student life or Academic life

9. Equation for Good Communicator:

Communication skills+Listening Skills+ Understanding other+ Speech Delivery+ Self Presentation+ Proper Decoding+ Proper encoding+ Body Language+ Sign Language+ Eye contact+ Eye Language+ Way of Speaking= Communication Process

10. Equation for Financial Life:

Good Income or Revenue+Less Expenses+ Enough Savings+ Stable Job(Government Job)= Good Financial Life.

11. Equation for Spiritual Life:

Meditation+Self Awareness+Internal Journey +Healing+Wisdom+Self Transition+Self Ascension+ Reality Upgradation+ Life Upgradation=Spiritual Journey

12. Equation for quality of life:

Good Habit+Discipline+Good Choice+Better People=Upgrade of Quality of Life

13. Equation for Meditation:

Introspection+Internal Journey+Concentration+Self Healing+Uplifting Consciousness+Calm and Peaceful surroundings or environment=Meditation.

14. Equation for Self Ascending and Self Transition:

Effective change in life+ Change in outer reality+Upgradation in thoughts+Change in perspective+Transitional Journey=Self Transition

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