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Heart and Relationship Contract

Everyone possesses a heart or everybody has a heart.

Heart and Relationship Contract

Heart Contract

Everyone possesses a heart or everybody has a heart. When our heart is attached to something or has a bond with someone or something then it can be said that our heart has a signed contract with the attached material or object for a specific period. For a long period, there is a high chance that our hearts can be disconnected from the attached thing or material. After so long connection or connectivity.

When there is a connection between our heart and something, when we share a bond with somebody special to us with our heart for a long or short period then it can be depicted that our heart has a signed contract and agreement with another heart from another person who is special for us. When we are addicted to something due to our heart attachment then it can be defined as a signed heart contract for a specific period. Because addiction like a bond is temporary, not permanent in our life. In any relationship when we spend quality time with our partner through heart-to-heart connection then the connection is also temporary not permanent. Hence, it is also a form of heart contract for a specific period.

A heart loss in a relationship, we listen to a heart-touching song or poetry or quotes. This can be an example of a heart contract for a specific period. The person whose name is written in our heart, we have written a special name in our heart will be deleted after the duration of the heart contract. It has expired by the creation of an external cause like we have forgotten or don't want to remember that special person. Our heart accepts written agreement in the heart contract and then reacts accordingly so how we react depends on how our heart reacts to anything or any situation and our heart reaction depends mostly on the signed heart contract. The contract duration of the heart depends on the strength of our heart and the reaction time of the heart.

Relationship Contract

In a relationship like the love between two persons, friendship or any friend circle relationship contract determines how long the relationship will be long lasting, and what duration of the relationship. The period or duration of a relationship contract is increased or becomes long-term for a strong relationship. Here a short-term duration or period of a relationship contract is much decreased for a poor relationship.

In both cases contract is created by our destiny. What destiny has planned for us, and how is our luck or fortune. So we can not or are unable to change or control the period or duration of the contract. Every relationship has a period or duration, this is due to the relationship contract. In every relationship, there is a terminating point, this point, or after reaching this point of a relationship, will surely end. This termination point can also be called a deadline because the relationship is determined and controlled by the relationship contract.

Every relationship has an ending, there is no endless relationship that exists ever in reality. This is due to the relationship contract and its specific period. A broken relationship or a broken heart is caused by a relationship contract and a heart contract. There is an invisible contract that never leaves us but always stays with us and has the power to control a particular area of us and our life like our heart and relationship.

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