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Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive intelligence is related to and is all about having strong intuition power and using the same (intuition power) in the form of intelligence. "Mind over matter" aligns and matches with intuitive intelligence. Strong intuition power is the only key to possessing intuitive intelligence in someone. It is the most instantaneous form of intelligence, which doesn't require any judgment, analysis, or analytical mind, but rather relies solely on feelings. These feelings can be utilized to carry forward and proceed with all functionalities of intelligence. It requires the least amount of time to proceed with anything or external stimuli. Simply listening to someone or observing any situation or circumstances outside of ourselves, or encountering a difficult situation, is the only step required to find an instant solution through intuitive intelligence. Any situation or circumstance is processed by intuitive intelligence instantaneously. Intuitive intelligence operates very quickly; it requires the least amount of time to process any external factors. Decision-making can almost be done in a fraction of a second; hence intuitive intelligence can be utilized while making any important decisions in our lives. However, an intuitively intelligent person may not always be correct or perfect when making decisions in risk management or in any investment sector.

The higher sense, probably beyond the sixth sense, triggers our consciousness and conscious mind through the activation and enabling of intuitive intelligence. The active mind and feelings are responsible for activating our intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence does not delve deep into any incident, subject, situation, or circumstances; this form of intelligence does not require any insight or detailed knowledge about any object. People who possess a logical mind and usually think in a logical way may not be intuitively intelligent.

Any unexpected situation and circumstances can be easily dealt with using intuitive intelligence. For situation management or in order to manage and control any situation or circumstances, understanding the situation intuitively and making intuitive decisions are the most important and necessary parts. Making practical decisions, dealing with practicality and practical situations, and most importantly, for those who are practical people who deal with practical problems and think in a practical way mostly because of their intuitive intelligence.

Intuitive intelligence teaches us how to think without entering into the logical, analytical, and judgmental world. Our intuition never lies to us; it always tells the real truth and guides us, showing us the light. In our journey of life, the role of intuition is very important, as intuition brings light and gives guidance in our journey without the need for judgment and analysis of the whole journey and past journey. Intuitive intelligence is more focused on the present moment than on the past or future. Intuitive intelligence does not delve deep into our life journey; it neither needs details about the entire journey nor requires any insight into the previous journey. Its essence lies in its truthfulness—the raw and pure truth, which is not evaluated from logic, analysis, and judgment, is hidden in intuitive intelligence.

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