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Limitations and Disadvantages of Tarot Card and Oracle Card Reading

I have found and even met many Astrologers....

Limitations and Disadvantages of Tarot Card and Oracle Card Reading

Through chat and calls, I have found and even met many Astrologers, Tarot Card Readers, Numerologists, Pendulum Dowsers, Oracle Card Readers, Angel Guidance message Providers, Vastu Specialists, and Fengshui Experts. There are many platforms like Astrotalk, Suvich, etc., where I encountered them. Also, I have learned all these courses online from various coaching centers and institutions through platforms like Zoom meetings or Google Meet. However, here I will discuss Tarot Card Reading and Oracle Card Reading based on my experience. I am not insulting any of these professions, but with due respect, I will explain the limitations and disadvantages of these types of readings.

Disadvantages of both readings:

1. There are a limited number of cards in each deck for any particular area of problem such as Finance, Love, Money, Relationship, etc. Apart from that, there are decks like Zen, Wonderland, and various Tarot Card decks. However, what's missing from Tarot Card and Oracle Card readings, in other words, what these readings are unable to do, are:

2. Finding out the root of the problem and analyzing the problem.

3. Lack of understanding of the problem properly and appropriately.

4. Finding the cause and reason for the problem.

5. Lack of understanding of the problem logically and rationally or from a logical and rational level.

6. Finding the source of the problem.

7. Lack of understanding about the situation.

8. Lack of understanding about the scenario where the problem is happening.

9. Collecting data and information from the problem.

10. Reviewing the problem.

11. Lack of understanding the structure of the problem.

12. Unable to identify components and elements of the problem and situation in elementary environments.

13. Unable to understand the condition of the problem.

14. Both professional readers don't know how to put, frame, and design a question for any particular problem and situation.

15. The same card from the deck can be repeated twice for different problems with different people.

16. Different cards from a deck can come for the same kind and type of problem.

17. Lack of awareness about the practical aspect of the situation and problem and having a lack of practical knowledge.

18. If anyone goes to more than one card reader with a problem that is being faced at the present moment, they might be confused as they receive different readings from different card readers but for the same problem.

19. Lack of insight about the problem and situation.

20. If any question is asked to any reader, the answer is not stored in the question; even the cards of the deck don't know, understand, or are aware of the problem and question being asked. Any random card that comes from the deck for any person is based on probability and luck, not on understanding, analysis, practicality, and insight.

Advice and Recommendations:

My advice and suggestions are:

1. Do not blindly believe any reader. Believe and trust in yourself first and try to find a solution to the problem with your knowledge, experience, and analysis. Have enough confidence in yourself; don't lose hope at any moment.

2. Check and assess the reading given to you by a card. Check whether the reading is compatible and suitable for your problem or not. Review the reading by analyzing and testing it. Check and test whether the reading can find the best solution for your problem or not.

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