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Lost Book, Book Feedback

Lost Book: The book which is lost with time and not contemporary is called lost book. The book which is not updated with time, which does not speak about and not describe present time is called with lost book. The book which is lost in time, which can not rise up through time is named as Lost Book. When through the book we can not find present and modern world and modern society, when history takes place and consumes each and every page of book and chapter of book as well then it is called Lost Book. When present situation and circumstances and incidents can not take place in page and chapter of book, when we can not match book with present and modern world and society it is named as lost book. The book which is not found in present time, which is not accepted by present time, present world and modernity then it is called as Lost Book. The modern mind, modern thoughts can not be aligned with and can not match with Lost book. The modern mind cannot find out modernity through the lost book.

Book Feedback: When we give some input like Time, Reading Skill, Memory, A look, Attention, Concentration then it is must be expected to recieve and having a feedback from side of book. When we invest time and ourselves into a book then we need and require some positive feedback from book. The book provides its feedback through giving knowledge, information etc. A feedback is always expected in counter of input, a feedback comes from a book hence a book is or acts as source of feedback. A feedback from a book comes through different channels such as Reading, Interacting with text, Putting time in book etc. Through reading book a reader can recieve a lot of feedback from a book and can make relation with book. When a reader receives feedback from a book then it is used and implemented in life of reader and executed through action, a feedback is converted or transformed into action. Input is putted in book through reader.

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