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Lost Book, Book Feedback

Lost Book: The book which is lost with time and not contemporary is called lost book. The book which is not updated with time, which does not speak about and not describe present time is called with lost book. The book which is lost in time, which can not rise up through time is named as Lost Book. When through the book we can not find present and modern world and modern society, when history takes place and consumes each and every page of book and chapter of book as well then it is called ...

Soul Retirement, Recharge, Restore, Tire

At end of the Consciousness Journey, at end of Consciousness evolution, in Era of newly Holistic Reality, at stage of Soul and Self Connection establishment, in all these conditions Soul gets retired at the termination point or ending of Soul Journey. When soul leaves our body, when we leave this world and it's attachment then soul gets fully retired. Soul attachment with the earth no longer exists after final soul retirement. Retired Soul have the much load of Spiritual and Consciousness ...

Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive intelligence is related to and is all about having strong intuition power and using the same (intuition power) in the form of intelligence. "Mind over matter" aligns and matches with intuitive intelligence. Strong intuition power is the only key to possessing intuitive intelligence in someone. It is the most instantaneous form of intelligence, which doesn't require any judgment, analysis, or analytical mind, but rather relies solely on feelings. These feelings can be utilized to carry ...

Heart and Relationship Contract

Everyone possesses a heart or everybody has a heart. When our heart is attached to something or has a bond with someone or something then it can be said that our heart has a signed contract with the attached material or object for a specific period. For a long period, there is a high chance that our hearts can be disconnected from the attached thing or material. After so long connection or connectivity.
Heart and Relationship Contract

Toxic Parenting and Its Impact on Children

The toxicity parents experience throughout their lives can profoundly affect their children. When this toxicity permeates and influences us, it can be detrimental, leading to what we term Toxic Parents. These individuals, despite being integral family members, wield a significant negative influence on our lives.
Toxic Parenting and Its Impact on Children