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Social Parents

Parent light will remove and eliminate any obstacle which acts as anti of meeting of need and requirements of child. The society needs guidance, right direction at any point of time which will be possible by social parent. Various social issues and problem which arises due to various conflict of different classes can be find out solution with help of Social Parent. Social Parent helps growing and nurturing society in a way so as to people in society can be helpful and for social welfare purpose. When society is confused and messed with different confliction, conflicting thoughts, actions, Activities from different religion, culture, location of people, society lost it's originality and standard version then social parents is responsible to restore society to it's original position and original version. At present position of society and the future goal for a society, a social Parent have should be linked so that social development Goal and social welfare Goal can be achieved and fulfilled. As like parents take care about their child and protect their child from any kind of harmful, dangerous, negative and toxic things in same way Social parents is who takes care of society by fostering growth and progress and also protect from any kind of Toxic, negative and harmful elements which might pollute society and can decrease quality of society and it's quality of value. Social Parents is parents of responsibility, parents of guidance, parents of assistance and parents of direction. The function of social Parents are guiding, being responsible towards society, assist and Support at hard time of society and proving right direction at right time. The quality status at present and evaluation of society then taking action accordingly in order to remove and eliminate negativity or negative parts from society so as that polluted free and toxic free society can be formed and constructed is responsibility of the social parents. The parenting at larger level, all people are cared, blessed regardless of their culture, location, religion, class or cast etc by social parents. Parenting for social parents is communication with society and establishing positive rapport in a way that the input flow from Social Parents to society and its people can be reached out effectively hence can bring positive change in a society towards development, welfare and humanity, humanity can grow in society and in micro scale thoughts of individual person in society.

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