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Soul Retirement, Recharge, Restore, Tire

In the pursuit of freedom and release, soul retirement takes place.

Soul Retirement, Recharge, Restore, Tire

At the end of the consciousness journey, in the era of a newly holistic reality, at the stage of soul and self-connection establishment, under all these conditions, the soul reaches retirement at the termination point or conclusion of its journey. When the soul leaves our body, when we depart from this world and its attachments, the soul fully retires. The soul's attachment to the earth no longer exists after its final retirement. A retired soul carries a heavy load of spiritual and conscious journey experiences, and in seeking release and freedom, the final retirement signifies leaving our body forever.

In the pursuit of freedom and release, soul retirement takes place. A retired soul always reflects on our perception, outlook, and view by having a holistic perception and view of reality and the outer world. The newly shaped self, the evolved consciousness – all these are signs of possessing a retired soul or having undergone the retirement process. The entire journey returns in a more mature and evolved form accumulated within the soul, as it moves towards maturity, freedom, mindfulness, and gratitude. The more gratitude and mindfulness we possess, the more we recharge our soul; the more consciousness we have, the more we charge up our soul.

The retired soul always seeks to be humble and grounded, seeking the stillness and stability of the soul. The response of the universe and the way we receive messages from the universe change due to a shift in perception about the world as a consequence of soul retirement. In the materialistic world, amidst the burden of fake things and the surrounding illusion, a void reality grows within the soul, increasing the sense of nothingness. Recharging becomes the solution for the restoration of a tired soul.

Walking alone, isolated from the outside universe and the materialistic world and its influences, makes the soul tired. The long journey of life, the extended consciousness journey, wears down the soul. The tiredness of the soul is reflected in our inner being and sense of self. The accumulation of the journey, the baggage of the past, and the heavy load of history exhaust the soul and contribute to a tired self.

To return to its original strength and essence, soul restoration is necessary so that the intensity of the soul can be increased. Through rest, meditation, yoga, and spending time with nature, the soul can be recharged and restored for the future, achieving a state of steadiness.

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