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Five Ways To Avoid And Deal With Failures In Relationships

How do you deal with failures in a relationship?

Five Ways To Avoid And Deal With Failures In Relationships

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How do you deal with failures in a relationship? One minute you are happy but by the end of that day, you are back to being your sad self. I have come to realize that this is the leading cause of insecurities, depression, and sometimes suicide.

So how do we deal with these failures without falling into depression and arousing our insecurities? Let's figure it together

1. Avoid Expectations: I'll explain. Don't meet this person might be him/her expecting anything at all but a good time. I find that when you don't expect anything from anyone things tend to be easy and flow naturally. It's one of the hardest things to do especially if they seem perfect at first but remember we are doing this to avoid being hurt.

2. Don't Get Attached: When you like this person too much you tend to depend on them way more than it's needed. This most of the time leads to disappointment. For example; when u get attached you'll expect them to text you, call you or check up on you which will most likely lead to disappointment because none of those things will happen.

3. Set Your Standard: Don't fall for anything short of your standards. If you set your standard at ten don't negotiate to a five or even nine, let it stay at ten because you know your standard don't settle for less and the only person you owe anything is yourself so don't negotiate.

4. Know Your Worth: I find this helpful because before you even leave your house to go and meet this person you already know what you want. Knowing your worth means you can set the tune before the day/night starts. You'll talk about what you like and what you expect before everything goes further and you'll actually feel the environment or ambiance change when that conversation starts, You'll be able to see your date change their body language because what you want and what they want is different.

5. Love yourself: I know it's hard to love yourself, especially at that moment but do your level best to remind yourself that it's okay. Whatever mistakes you make you learn from them. Don't sacrifice your self-love for anyone, if your date doesn't align with what you are looking for don't compromise just walk and keep loving yourself that will give you peace when you need it the most, don't give up on yourself you are important and you deserve to be heard.

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