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Habits of Highly Successful People for Personal Growth

DEVELOPMENT differs in many ways

Habits of Highly Successful People for Personal Growth

DEVELOPMENT differs in many ways. It has even different meaning say development in oneself or in the development of a country. It is the dream of every people living across the globe. It is happening right from the past. Many mobs even achieved success in making various new designs for DEVELOPMENT in every field.

But the major and important development is the 'SELF DEVELOPMENT'.It is developed by everyone right from the nursery. A child learns good things and as per his capability, he works to improve his self-development. This continues till he completes his whole education.

But, It doesn't mean that you will improve your thinking in one attempt. It requires consistency and patience in repeating the task again and again with good gestures.

RAM'S early life was as usual. He was sincere but achieved less in everything due to his mental disease. This disease forced him to think right and work hard to survive. Most people put high pressure on RAM to earn money even when he was about to die.

RAM never minded but started living a loser life by following his interest. This is done by him from 2011 till the present. It is not a big deal, but from my concern, I believe many achievers do understand hard work in their period of trials.

The more we think properly, the more we improve our thoughts in the right direction. As per some research, RAM one of the local boys of Dawdi village got success in thinking differently from this competitive world, where life is a rat race.

This is due to Multiple Personality Disorder Thoughts which made him different from everyone in adapting creative thoughts. In his decision, he acts differently, due to which many mobs hit him badly disturbing his inner peace whenever he doesn't live and speaks as others do.

Now, when we don't do the right things in our life, then we suffer in the future. This is because all our right knowledge gets converted into wrong knowledge. Things will become even worse if we haven't corrected our mistakes.

So it is very necessary to learn from our weaknesses or else someone will earn your bread and butter.No one is good until someone gives him the right knowledge to learn with ease. 

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