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The Best Philosophy For Life

These philosophies will helps us solve our problems and make better decisions by developing our critical thinking.

The Best Philosophy For Life

We are finding the motive of our existence and finding ourselves. Be a better person through self-reflection. You’ll live a better lifestyle if these ten philosophies are appropriately followed.

1. Stoicism

Stoicism is a philosophy that suggests moral excellence is an eventual goal. Waste no time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one. Stoicism means you live a life of wise and moral decisions. By doing this, you will unlock happiness for yourself. Finding joy in actions and attitudes puts the keys to delight in your own hands and not something out of your control. Live the life you dream of.

2. Taoism

This philosophy teaches us always to be patient with friends and family. Try always for simplicity. You must love and believe in yourself is more necessary. It also advises us to go with the flow. If you're stuck in a situation where you have no idea what you need to do, then the best decision is to do nothing. Taoism teaches us to let things go in their natural ways.

3. Epicureanism

Here's the secret to living a life filled with pleasure. Living this philosophy will teach you the importance of knowing how much everything is needed. The most pleasant life is where we abstain from unnecessary desires and achieve inner tranquillity by being content with simple things and choosing pleasure. 

4. Existentialism

This is the philosophical belief that we are each responsible for creating purpose or meaning in our lives. This suggests that our lives are entirely in our hands.

5. Hedonism

Hedonism is allowing yourself to have or do anything that you enjoy. It tells us to always live in the moment. Do the things which you've always wanted to do.

6. Aestheticism

Aesthetic tells the pleasant, cheerful, and artful appearance of a person or things. Look at the mountains, the oceans, a vast sky full of stars, and beautiful trees. There is art all around us. We have to notice it. We have a connection with this happiness. Looking at pretty things has a direct impact on our satisfaction.

7. Scepticism

It's a general feeling of doubt about something or that you are not likely to believe something. By questioning the assumptions, we become more self-aware. And by being skeptical, you push yourself to search for answers constantly. And in turn, this will provide more clarity on how to lead a better life.

8. The David Foster Wallace Philosophy

In 2005 David Foster Wallace, one of the most brilliant individuals of the 2000s, delivered a speech at Kenyon College. His lecture aimed to teach the graduates how to live a compassionate life, and he explained that we could only achieve true happiness when we have control over our thoughts. And our emotions are largely influenced by our thoughts. If you gain mastery over your mind, it becomes easier to control your happiness.

9. Modern Humanism

The definition of humanism is a belief that human needs and values are more important than religious beliefs or the needs and desires of humans. We can't blame anyone or anything else for our errors, but most importantly, it teaches us to take responsibility for our actions.

10. Philosophy of Perspective

Make a loss an opportunity to upskill or examine your life, and you can make changes. At this point, the situation stops being a problem and becomes a chance. All because of a fresh perspective.

11. Socratic Philosophy of Self-reflection

Socrates had a famous statement, “Know thy self” this statement meant for Socrates that we must choose a good life for ourselves through self-reflection and self-awareness. We must understand and reflect on the knowledge we learn through life and others. Try to become a better person through self-reflection exercises.

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