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How to Approach Girls with Confidence

There are guys out there that attract the highest quality of girls, and they do so effortlessly.

How to Approach Girls with Confidence

There are guys out there that attract the highest quality of girls, and they do so effortlessly. Conversely, you'll find many guys that can't get laid. And that is why they are bitter. They will say things like screw all girls, and they aren't worth the time. They would instead give up completely than admit they need to improve.

The truth is that girls can make life more fun. It is always good to focus on yourself. But you have to stay honest with yourself. Don't start blaming girls for your own shortcomings. Instead, learn from reading blogs like this and become better with them in real life. That way, you can also attract any girl you want. We'll discuss three things that will make you irresistible to women.

1. High Energy

Women are attracted to energetic, confident men. They crave a man who is losing confidence and is overflowing with energy. When I say this, I'm not saying to act like a clown or behave like a fool.

Think of the alpha gorilla that gets all the females. Gorillas live in groups of both males and females. And yet, the dominant silverback is the only one with total access to all the females. Why? Because the silverback is an influential leader full of energy and strength, if challenged by a younger or even an outsider male, he will scream, beat his chest, bear his teeth, and then charge forward. However, despite their power, they can be incredibly gentle and often serve as mentors for youngsters, teaching them what foods to eat and how to make their nest for sleeping. They will also teach young males how to fight and happily serve as playmates for excitable infants. Let me be apparent.

There are alphas amongst us humans, and they always have higher energy than beta males. This is essential to thriving as a man, and you will not hear many people talk about it. You already have a lot of energy, but the modern world sucks it out of you sneaky ways. Many pills doctors hand out to people take your power away; consuming sexual content online also takes massive amounts of energy from you. Instead of falling for these modern trades, you can boost your energy for free by working out, getting sunlight, and getting good sleep.

Competition is also healthy as it increases your testosterone. In the modern day, you will find people shaming competitive boys, and they try to get rid of competition by bringing out participation trophies. Be aware of the things that give you energy, but also the things that take your point. There are a lot more dirty traps that take power from you.

2. Be Charismatic 

A charismatic knitter is perceived as both likable and influential. A dynamic, irresistible combination that drives women insane and makes them obsessed. Charisma allows you to command a room, draw others to you and convince people of your ideas. It's an essential part of being the kind of leader who wins devoted followers willing to go to the ends of the earth for him. Charisma may seem like a mysterious quality, something submitted or going with, and some are not, but this is happily not the case. You don't need to hit the genetic charisma lottery to develop yourself into a man with powerful magnetism. Having high energy is a significant factor in having charisma. 

To be charismatic, you have to be able to listen more than you talk. This will make you more mysterious and make the other person feel important and good about themselves. Ask questions, maintain eye contact, smile, frown, and not respond, not so much verbally, but non-verbally. Looking girls in the eye when talking to them allows you to convey your message effectively and project presence, dominance, and power. I'm not telling you to still not stop at the person in front of you but that you look at them. When you say something to them, when they say something to you, you can look away from time to time but never look down. When you decide to speak, make sure you don't waste words. We are all different. Some men are cocky, and some are humble.

Some are a combination of both; don't waste your words, no matter which you are. If you are cocky, confidently deliver what you want, like a punchline. If you are humble, it doesn't mean you need to waste time on small talk and speak a lot of nothing. Pick your words, no matter what type of man you are. Girls love mystery. And the number one way to destroy secrets is by giving out too much information. To be charismatic, be conscious of your value. If you constantly doubt yourself and your abilities, it will be hard for you to be charismatic.

You should know your potential to achieve great things and carry yourself that way. Carry yourself like you could get any girl. Lastly, don't try to appeal to everyone. Appealing to everyone appeals to no one. You become bland and lose the charm when you try to appeal to everyone. This will sound andy, but not being afraid to displease or offend is quite attractive. Both men and women will respect you for this.

3. Smell Good, Dress Good

While we're taught not to judge a book by its cover. First impressions always matter, especially to girls. If you smell bad and look homeless, you will not be attractive to anyone. The first step to smelling good is to not smell foul. Ensure you take care of your hygiene, shower daily, and use natural soap. Make sure your mouth hygiene is good, and not only brush your teeth but also scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper.

If you haven't eaten for some time, it might be good to choose some gum. You don't want to kill people with bad breath. No matter what you're wearing, the first thing women will notice about you is your grooming habits. This includes your hair, facial hair, body odor, and cleanliness. Ensure you get a haircut frequently, or just shave your head if you are bold. If you have a beer, find a style that works for you. After caring for these things, should you consider what cologne you want to smell good? When it comes to dressing well, you must always consider your physique. 

Two men can wear the same outfit, but it can look bad on one of them. While it looks fantastic on the other. Everyone has their own style. You have to find a style that works for you. It will feel like a waste of time or a drag for most men, but knowing how to dress casually, classily, and sportily is worth it.

This is important not only for girls but also to thrive in different fields of life. People will take you less seriously if you look sloppy at a business meeting. You might not like it, but that is how the world works. So spend some time finding your style and trying out different things.

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