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How to Destroy Her Ego (She Will Beg for Your Attention)

Every man must know how to destroy a woman's ego.

How to Destroy Her Ego (She Will Beg for Your Attention)

Every man must know how to destroy a woman's ego. Some people will call this toxic, but they don't live in reality. Almost every woman has an inflated ego because of online. She has been worshipped and getting attention as if she is the most extraordinary creature walking this planet, treated like a goddess, and showered with praise only for existing. Think about that for a second; how would you feel if you were worshipped daily for no reason? Your ego would get out of control, and you would become cocky. Here is the reality. If you don't know how to humble women, you will be treated like any other sin. She will not see the difference between you or any one of her worshippers. Here, we will go over nine rules to destroy her ego.

1. You Are Superior

If you are a hardworking man constantly improving, you should feel superior to women who do nothing with their lives except try to look good. It's natural to feel this way, and it is necessary to destroy her oversized ego. People will say this is toxic, but here is the truth. Women look at most gods as inferior. She considers since and average guys to be beneath her level. However, when the tables turn and a man feels superior, people will call it toxic.

At the same time, women are hypergamous. This means that they are innately attracted to and gravitate toward better guys. She will lose interest in you if she feels you are equal to or below her level. The politically correct thing to say is that we are all equal and should see each other that way. The reality is that it's unnatural to consider someone you're equal if you outperform the person in every field of life. Imagine going to the gym and training like an animal. After that, work your job and do a side hustle. Would you consider a lazy bum playing video games and fapping all day your equal? You could say you do if you want to be politically correct. But deep down, you don't. It's the same for an attractive woman with nothing else to offer.

Sure, she may look good, which has value to a man, but it's nothing compared to the daily effort and hard work many guys put in. When you feel superior, you consciously and subconsciously regard her as nothing special, or her life has been put on a pedestal, but this might be the first time someone doesn't do it. It will deflate her ego and bring her back to reality.

2. Do Not Seek Her Validation

Many guys have become so feminine that they seek validation from girls. They will ask her what she thinks about his gains. His hair or perhaps something else about his looks. Some guys will even ask a girl if she loves them.

If you do this, you behave not as a man but as a little worm. Any masculine and confident man would never do this. He does not need to seek validation from women as he is satisfied. It does not fish for her compliments or wonder what she thinks about everything. Seeking approval from a woman is the number one way to inflate her ego to the moon. Leave craving for approval to women.

3. Do Not Always Validate Her Looks

Women get countless compliments from people every day. You are no different from the next guy. If you constantly tell her how pretty she is, or if you send her emoji with hearty eyes. In fact, this makes you, one of the other million guys standing in line, pathetic.

When all other men put her on a pedestal and compliment her, there exists one high-value man that doesn't do it. She will pick up on it quickly and realize that all those desperate compliments she's received are worthless. Understand it. I am not saying you need to play mind games and never compliment a woman, but when you compliment her based on something she has in her earned.

You are putting yourself in the same box as all the other guys complimenting her daily. Instead, it's better to congratulate her on accomplishments or good behaviors; she has put effort into her manners or a good outfit.

4. Prioritize Your Goals Above Her

As a man, your purpose should always come first. Most guys nowadays don't have a sense or throw their entire schedule out the window to see an attractive woman. They behave like hungry dogs. When you have primary goals, you should honor them.

If this means you must miss out on a date with her occasionally, so be it. This will show her that she cannot distract you from your goals. This will bring her ego down. And she will inherently respect you.

5. Don't Be So Eager To Be With Her

Most guys get too excited when they get a chance to meet an attractive woman. This also shows they like a higher purpose, as discussed before. Listen, you don't both chase each other when you are the overly excited one. You leave her no room to be excited about you, forcing her to take a backstep.

This also inflates her ego. However, when you know how to control yourself and your desires, she will have the space to get excited about you instead. There will be moments when she'll start to wonder if she is the only one that feels this way. She may ask you if you aren't happy to see her when that happens, don't lose control of yourself and start running your mouth about how you were dreaming about her. Keep it calm. This will keep her ego and check.

6. Never Argue With Her Or Get Emotional

Anytime you get emotional, it shows her she has power and control over you. Don't argue with her. And if she is being unreasonable or disrespectful, take your leave. This will keep her ego in check.

7. Never Get Jealous About Other Men Around Her

If she is pretty, other guys will flock around her. It is inevitable. Anytime you show jealousy, it reveals you lack confidence, and a better man could come and take her away. Look, if you are not around, it's a free game. And it's up to the woman to deny them and respect you. You should end things with her if she doesn't do this correctly. Jealousy is an emotion,  and when she knows she can get you jealous, she knows she has you under her control naturally; this would inflate her ego.

8. Don't Hit Her Up Right After You Two Have Had A Moment Together

If you don't hit her up right after you've been with her, she will wonder if she has messed up. This is a good thing. It keeps her on her toes and never makes her too comfortable. Most guys will text her right away. Telling her, they had a great time and can't wait to see her again leaves her no room to miss you and wonder about you.

Once again, I'm not saying you need to play mind games here, but ask yourself, does the man with a higher purpose start texting her about his feelings right after a date, or does he get back to chasing his goals? Most of these things come naturally. If you truly have a purpose and higher goals in life, if you don't have them yet, just ask yourself what the man with the more heightened sense would do. It is always the opposite of how Simp acts; he keeps a woman's ego in check without trying.

9. Reject Her

Women can't handle rejection. They aren't rejected nearly as often as men are, which is why they destroy their egos when it happens. Nothing humbles a woman more than demonstrating your value as a man. And when you reject her, she will have no choice but to work harder for your time and attention.


6 months ago

This is obviously written from male perspective and therefore very one sided thinking. Who ever wrote that has no clue about women in general, and you can clearly see how he treats a woman. So, my opinion is that is incorrect thinking that woman would accept a man who treats her like crap, and definitely know it wouldn't work for any real woman who wants to be treated with respect and dignity.

Lmao as if men were on a whole other level. Right let me know how this boot. Camp goes and let me fill u in on something. Not all of us are what u describe as a woman. Yes im a strong woman with a hard head and a drive that gets the job done. I'm independent rely on nor answer to no man and I couldn't care less about chasing one. It's called a grown a#@ b@"$$+ and if a man wants to pull up to my table with same effort as me bringing basically 5050 or whatever then let's rock but all that bs u talking I am still sitting here laughing like who he even talking about right now must be a lame. Later and Idgaf about a response ur feelings are urs not Mine later

8 months ago

Fair enough.
Also, don't take it personally. This post is a generalization. Women generally tend to obsess over guys who don't give them attention. Those who give attention easily seem needy to most women. That's why it's common saying that girls prefer bad boys. You're welcome to share your perspective on that.

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Omg wow

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Dr benjin Miller

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