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What Men Secretly Notice on a First Date with Women

Women have no idea what men notice about them

What Men Secretly Notice on a First Date with Women

Women have no idea what men notice about them. When it comes to the features that men find appealing in a woman. We all have our own thoughts about what kinds of features should be at the top of the list.

These preconceptions on the other hand would do men a huge damage. According to a recent survey, just 3% of men gaze at a woman's external appearance when they approach her in a bar or on the street. Men do look out for women wherever they go and girls will do anything they can to get an advantage over the other women. Over 80% of women, surveyed acknowledged using makeup to seem more attractive. Both to boost their own self-esteem and to appear more enticing to men.

Women also spend a lot of money to look attractive. With 44% spending between $1 to $50 each month on cosmetics and beauty products. 21% spend $51 to $100 per month and a wealthy 23% spend more than $100 per month. The bad news for these women is that it might all be for nothing. Because what guys notice about women are things, like their self-confidence, charisma, and sense of humor. Unfortunately, no amount of cosmetics will hide their faults in those areas. So, here are 11 things, women have no idea, men notice about them.

1. The Way You Vibe

Men notice your vibe when they meet you for the first time. They can't see it with their eyes, but they can definitely feel it. If you spread positive energy, you will be more likely to laugh frequently and have a cheerful mindset. If you have a negative energy, your body language and facial expression will show it. Whenever you wonder, "Why do guys stare at me when I walk by", it's most likely due to your vibe.

2. Accent

Men notice not only what women say, but also how they say it. Some men find little flaws such as a tiny list appealing and endearing. Your soft sensual voice may impress men if you're speaking to the right person. Even your accent might be an asset. We may think of French or Irish accents as the most attractive in the world. But there are lots of guys who admire a Southern accent. The way you order your drink but the person next to you at the bar may adore it.

3. Your Squat

They say that your vibe attracts your tribe. Guys can get a sense of your personality by paying attention to the people you hang out with. After all, you decided to spend time with these people because you love their company. They are your people, which means they are a part of your life. Meeting someone's friends first is sometimes the simplest way to meet them.

If you hang out with a high-maintenance woman, chances are the guys in the bar will think the same thing about you. Even if you're as easygoing as they come. After all a guy doesn't have a lot of information to rely on. When it comes to making that first approach your friends might lead them to make certain assumptions about you.

4. Sense of Style

Guys might not understand fashion words such as crop top, bubble dress, baggy pants, and so on. But it should come as no surprise that men frequently notice what a woman is wearing when they see her at a bar, or on the street. Are they dressed in a tight dress? Are they dressed in the color red? Or are they in high heels? While you would anticipate men to be more interested in women wearing shorts, skirts, or exposing tops.

The fact is that what they actually want is someone with their own sense of style. It ultimately boils down to self-assurance. If you have a unique fashion sense, it reveals a lot about the type of person you are. If you're confident enough in your own skin to wear clothing. That stands out from the crowd. The odds of your personality will do the same.

5. Attitude

Men appear to be far more insightful than women. Give them credit for their notice. Not only physical characteristics, such as external appearance but also how a lady interacts with people around her. It might be as easy as how she talks to the bartender or waiter. Minding to say please and thank you, or how she behaves to someone less fortunate than herself. Perhaps she could offer a few cents to a homeless person on the street instead of stepping on over them while checking her phone. This element provides men an idea of how they will handle the people they love.

The very first words you say, Did you say hello, Howdy, or something different to him? What were your first words to him? Guys notice your words in addition to your bodily parts. They noticed the tone of your voice and the manner in which you express yourself in general. If you wait for him to strike up a conversation, he'll believe you're a shy girl. They notice both what you say, and what you don't say.

7. How Does Your Hair Smell

Men are known for failing to notice when their girlfriend has just returned from the hair salon. Whether she had a haircut or a more drastic change. Such as having it colored or cut short. However, for some guys, the initial appeal is all about the hair.

They notice not just the style, but also if it is in excellent condition, how the woman feels and plays with her hair, and in some quite weird cases how it smells. Ladies take this as a lesson if you're checking out a man. No more untidy, ponytails or going a few days without washing your hair. You're not just doing it for yourself but also for a potential partner.

8. Your Eyes

Men have long been attracted by women's eyes. So it's no wonder that one of the first things men notice about women is their eyes. When a man looks you in the eyes, he is connecting with your soul. You probably didn't realize it, but your eyes may reveal a lot about how you're feeling right now and your entire mood. So here's my dating advice based on eyes - Eyes can often tell us what words cannot. I'm sure every man has heard the phrase. Which is why they can't help but stare into your eyes, whenever they meet you.

9. Body Language

Experts are always studying celebrity couples' body language to see whether it reveals secrets about how happy or unhappy they are. Even in real life, body language may have an unexpected influence on what a guy finds appealing about a woman. Open body language indicates that you are a person who is open to new experiences and thoughts of the person with whom you are chatting. So no crossing your arms or carrying bags or even drinks in front of your body. Hands are another great tool. Don't put them in your pockets. Instead, use them to punctuate your words as expressively as possible.

10. Your Smell

Yes, a guy will smell you within the first six seconds of meeting you. They will detect the scent of your perfume as well as the natural body perfume. Known as pheromones. In fact, your pheromones are a significant deal breaker. If a guy isn't drawn to your natural odor, he won't feel compelled to pursue you. The same is true for women. Remember, that men will notice if you have too much perfume or cosmetics on. These two things discuss the majority of them. But there are always exceptions.

11. Your Confidence (or the lack thereof)

Female confidence has long been one of the most appealing characteristics of women. If you look at guy in the eyes he will see you as a confident woman. They will classify you as a woman with great self-esteem. If your posture is straight and you demonstrate confident body language indicators they will be insanely drawn to you. When it comes to guys, one of the first things that women notice is confidence.

Men with great self-esteem are 10 times more appealing than others. Do men pay attention to little details? Men, don't notice the smallest details such as the color of your nail polish, the length of your hair, or the color of your lipstick. They do notice if you're wearing lipstick or cosmetics as well as your choice of clothes and shoes. They also notice whether you've cleaned your hair or done anything unusual with it.

One thing is certain when a guy observes minor things about you, it's a solid indicator that he really likes you. When a guy is into you, he will pay more attention to the tiny things that other people overlook. The more interested they are in you. The more they will notice about you. That's all there is to it.

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