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The True Fact Of Life

Today, everybody lives to save their self-respect in his society.

The True Fact Of Life

Today,everybody lives to save their self-respect in his society.Many even don't bother to safeguard moral values in every minds of every people.

I saw many ups and downs in my life right from the day when I realized the importance of making a carrier in order to survive in this highly competitive world.

Few people only maintain their self-respect to live happily. Some people don't understand that money is not everything.They do what high-position people do and act by seeing their lifestyle.For them only money is valuable thing in their life not hardwork.

The problem arises more because no one cares. Most people think that it is not their job.Some don't understand their errors but judge themselves only by seeing their achievements from their day to day life.

This is happening in everyone's life but we as a human let it go.Everyone wants to be successful in their life but why most of them don't understand their limits and capabilities? Why one feels jealous by the richness of sucessful people?

Though life is a rat race but we all need to adjust and feel happy for what reputation we possess in present days of our life.If we are not rich then why we put more pressure on others to achieve high, luxurious life?

We need to help our near one's to do what he wants to do in his life with motivation because no work is big nor small.

 Today's world has changed due to new inventions and possibilities.With this,every people should change themselves in making right decisions.

If one is struggling for better life then it is not the end since life is full of hopes and believes.We only need to keep on improving our mistakes whenever it is recognised which eventually will make us successful in life.

No one loses a game till the last ball is bowled.This statement is said by a philosopher when he did research on cricket match during World Cup tournament.In life's every stage ,we need to keep our mind cool so that we can give our hundred percent no matter what would be it's outcome.

In short,we as a human should not be jealous of our competitor because we will find various character of people in every circumstances.We only can tackle them by proper understanding and help ourselves to be patient in our goal in life.

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